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Was Commissioner Lucier really a hero for backing out of a public forum?

By Linda Bienvenue
Posted Saturday, March 7, 2009

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Pittsboro, NC - This is in response to Mr. Phillips and Ms Miller's postings about what a hero Commissioner Lucier was by backing out of attending the CCV meeting at the last minute. He really saved himself from the "lynching meeting manipulated by outside hate groups" (Mr. Phillips) and "the clan meeting" (Ms. Miller) as they put it. The only thing is --- I, a concerned United States, Chatham County tax-paying, law-abiding citizen actually attended that meeting on Thursday evening at the Dockside (just wanted to make sure they had the correct meeting.) The only people in attendance at that meeting were: other concerned, United States, Chatham County, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens like myself. Constituents of Mr. Lucier's, as a matter of fact.

There were no outside factions (such as the ACLU and others that attended the BOC meeting when they voted on the "resolution"), no residents of other counties, and NO hate groups. As a matter of fact, when it was learned that these flyers were being distributed by such groups, they were asked to stay away, and they respected that request. In attendance was a group of calm, intelligent individuals who actually live and raise their families here who wanted to know why the BOC even passed this resolution on "behalf of" the "residents" (not citizens) of Chatham County when no one asked the "citizens" of Chatham County what they felt about it. This is not a race issue at all. It is just a question of why do we keep asking our government to make more laws when we can't seem to abide by and enforce by the ones we have.

So, I can fully understand why Mr. Lucier backed out at the last minute. He realized that it would not be a cheering pep rally such as the one the BOC enjoyed when they adopted the resolution in the first place. He discovered that he would only be face to face with his constituents, the people who actually voted him into his taxpayer-paid position, and realized that he might have to account to them. Good thing he had the guts to avoid that!

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