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Local anti-Walmart group a bunch of "haters"

By Ed Williams
Posted Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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Chatham County, NC - I found on the web a list of dozens of anti-WalMart organizations all over the USA, though our local WalMart-bashing group does not appear on the list I saw.

You are right in saying that the grievances against WalMart are weak. They are largely propaganda from the national anti-WalMart, anti-capitalist propaganda mill, and I would like to see which (if any) of these vague assertions and accusations apply to Chatham County.

For example: How many small stores have closed down as a result of a WalMart opening (and how many have opened near WalMarts to get the business they attract?) How much has WalMart received in taxpayer subsidies in Chatham County?

The silly talk about WalMart giving a lower percentage of its profits to charities than some other major corporations reminds me what what many America-haters say about the USA - we give a smaller per capita amount of aid to other countries than, say, the socialist government of Sweden, and other countries. Yet we have given far more foreign aid in terms of dollars than any country in world history. WalMart has clearly been selected as a major icon of capitalism, to be attacked, like McDonald's and Coca Cola.

The anti-capitalist cabal is going to have a much harder time convincing naive people to join them in working against WalMart now that it has announced the start of a plan to sell many drugs very cheaply.

But they will keep on trying. It's their ideology.

They will come up with fake arguments, like "Muddy Mark" Barroso trying to claim that somebody said that "WalMart {is} the long term solution for poor folk in Chatham County..." I have not seen that said by anybody. That it benefits poorer people, yes. It certainly does. But "the long term solution"? Propaganda!

By the way, I wonder what these same propagandists would say if a Target wanted to locate in Chatham? That's a chain which is very friendly to some of their companion groups.

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