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What to do about unwelcome hunters

By Dan McCarty
Posted Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Pittsboro, NC - If you have unwelcome hunters, the simple answer is, call 911.

In Chatham county, hunters are required to have written permission to hunt on land they do not own. If they do not have written permission then they can be charged.

It is also a very good idea to post your land. In the past, this required specific signage which is not hard to do but it must be done every year or so since some of the signs degrade in the sun and the signs can get pulled
own. Honestly, most of the signs I have posted have been torn up by squirrels. You can see their claw marks in the signs. A law was recently passed/updated that now allows purple paint to be used to mark land.

We have only had a few problems with trespassing hunters and they have been in the daylight. If I had armed men running around the house, I would be calling 911, irregardless of the position of the sun.

I have talked to one set of "hunters" and I use the term loosely since real hunters follow the law. I normally would not talk to them but they were shooting either at my house or the neighbors and they needed to stop NOW. Talking to someone armed and breaking the law is not something I would recommend to most people. Call 911. Since I needed to stop their shooting NOW, I talked to them. They gave me the BS that their daddy had hunted this land before. This was a flat out lie and just said that their daddy was a law breaker as well.

When we were looking to buy land, we were talking to a man who was in his late 80's early 90s. He was selling the land that his daddy had bought around 1900. The small house on the place was built buy his daddy and the man was born in that house. As we talked a hunter showed up on one part of the place running dogs after rabbits. The land owner asked me to go with him to tell the "hunter" to get off his land. Which I gladly did.

Old timers down here don't always want strangers hunting on their land either.


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What to do about unwelcome hunters

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