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Underwear in a wad over Chatham Park and BoJangles

By Jane Forbes
Posted Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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Pittsboro, NC - It is with interest that I have read that Chatham Park is still on the agenda for later voting. Since the issue was just "tabled", I am sure that is probably the status. It is also with interest that I have read about the "benevolence" of Mr. Goodnight. While I cannot speak about what he does or does not do, it is the "norm" for those who are millionaires or billionaires to give very large sums to various charities and to found charities and institutions. This is wonderful but also tax strategy! And this is probably the situation with Mr. Goodnight.

It is also interesting that those who spoke highly regarding Mr. Goodnight and his development groups are either employed by him, one of his companies or directly benefit from proposed employment, business ventures or other economic incentives.

So, as I proposed weeks ago, if Mr. Goodnight and his companies are so philanthropic they should donate the 7,100 + acres to the nature conservancy. Reserve the right to build a fantastic lodge, canoe facility, horse riding stables, nature observatory, walking and hiking trails, and the right to host meetings, fishing courses, wildlife and forest courses, and so on. Preserve and improve the Haw River and its flow into Jordan Lake. If he wants his name to a lasting and beneficial "park", what better way than to do this. (Of course, this might mean that some of the people wanting the proposed development might not get the financial benefit they are wanting and "rooting for".. But what is their real interest and concern? Our beautiful county, the wonderful forest and wildlife we have, the charming and interesting town of Pittsboro, preservation and improvement of our environment or their own pocket?


Mr. Stevens, I read your comment. Obviously, you are the franchisee. When purchasing land out of Bankruptcy, from a Chapter 7 you probably pay about 15-25% of the original price; from a Chapter 11 or 13, you might pay a little more. Proposing and getting your plans approved by city and county officials, while time consuming, is no more than any other business has to do. Because the site is a construction site does not mean that it has to be "raw and ugly". The design of the building is obviously what the Franchise requires (ugly). The entire area from McDonald's to where you are building is beginning to take on the appearance and charter of "fast food alley".. This is just what we see at interchanges everywhere. Pittsboro deserves better than this. We deserve better design, landscaping, and food.

Thanks for letting me comment
Jane Forbes

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Underwear in a wad over Chatham Park and BoJangles

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