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And you thought I was nuts

By Mark Stinson
Posted Wednesday, October 18, 2006

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Siler City, NC - I find it amusing that the people that told me I was nuts for suggesting we cut the county in half and let the northern corner be its own county are the same ones complaining about the district vote.

I have taken up a new hobby learning math and ratios and the factors of probability . To make a long story short it doesn't matter which way the vote goes now as the population tipping point has been reached. The numbers of people that have moved into northern Chatham have overtaken the voting power of the remainder of the county by numbers .

Wake county went through the same thing just before the astronomical tax increase stages it had to implement to pay the price for overdevelopment. We hit 300 million people in the US this morning at 7:47 am and all those people have to live somewhere. We are past the point of thinking about the future as its already here.


What this amounts to is simple and the math doesn't lie.

Chatham county will be forced to drastically increase taxes in the next ten years to compensate for the services required by the new and growing population in this county. The long term residents that have made this place their home will be forced out by skyrocketing real estate prices driving taxes to an unbearable rate for those on retirement plans and fixed incomes. Homes will become more expensive and smaller with plots of land shrinking to the 1/4 acre plots commonly sold in Wake county to put a box home on.

I say lets carve the northern corner off and give it to Wake County and let the rest of us breath while we still can. While we are at it, they can elect Bunkey as their commissioner for that part of Wake County. He lives in Chatham. But living in the county he's running for office in wasn't a problem before, so he should be a shoe in Wake County too .


As ridiculous as it all sounds I have come to the conclusion no one really cares about the quality of life here. It's more important to be politically correct and not upset the status quos.

I have my own solution to the problem at hand. I intend to finish my house, raise my kids and sell it. Move out of this county before it sinks completely into the abyss of astronomically high taxes and crime rates to the moon. I see everyone bitching and complaining about getting it their way and no one really putting forth any effort to correct the problem. Its all for me and me for me mentality because of the money there is to be made in the short term. No one worries about the long term because they won't be living here. They will be off raping another lesser developed county making even more money while we are left to suffer with the results of careless development.


I know I'm venting. It's my right. Just like the right to vote. The right to have a vote that actually means something will soon be taken away but my right to bitch about will go on forever. I'm so sick of this discussion as I really don't see a good end to this either way.

The only solution would have been to have some type of educated long term development and infrastructure growth plan in place 20 years ago. The rate of development needs to be controlled by the rate in which the county is able to build and maintain infrastructure to support the growing population. The county infrastructure should grow before we add homes. We should be able to provide county services for additional people before they get here not frantically try to catch up after the are already here.

I'm done with this.

All I can say is you better vote this election because your vote won't mean squat after it.

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