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Do not take the plague of tick-borne diseases lightly

By Simon Lobdell
Posted Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Pittsboro, NC - I had Lyme's disease recently and found it to be one of the most pernicious and difficult experiences of my life.

At first it was a flu, then it was a slow degradation of my energy level and I just thought I was getting slow, old a little over done. Next I felt sleepy all the time and there was a fog around my mind, almost like you had just woken up all the time, then the shakes and finally after all this time, I knew something was wrong.

I found a little bite mark, so small I had just ignored it and it must have been there for months. But there is was a little teensy bullseye. My first doctor said it was a bruise but ran the tests. I had a case that tested positive for every marker of Lyme disease there is and the doctor said three weeks of doxy would be fine and that al the neurological symptoms were just made up.

Lesson is, three weeks later I hadn't even begun to improve. After six months of medication, I can run again, I can enjoy life and think clearly, my hands have stopped shaking and I have hope that I have this licked. Unfortunately though, I am never sure.

Lyme and many of the tick borne illnesses that thrive like a plague in Chatham county are incredibly pernicious and resist long term cures. I recommend seeing the doctors at the Carolina Centers for Integrative medicine in Raleigh. They are recommended by the International Lyme Disease Association and they have a deep understanding of Lyme's and its myriad symptoms.

Please don't take this plague lightly if you are feeling sick, it gets worse and worse until it becomes a quiet disability. I am sure there are hundreds of people on this list serve who have had similar experiences, I just hope you have also found a cure.

I would also like to start a discussion about the massive overpopulation of deer in this county and the ecological imbalance that this represents. I think we should really think about cutting the deer population in this county by as much as we possibly can. They are part of the life cycle of the ticks which are dominating our beautiful county.

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Do not take the plague of tick-borne diseases lightly

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