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The Terlls will have Shelby back

By Carrie, Katie, and Pam
Posted Wednesday, January 17, 2007

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Pittsboro, NC - To those of you who have supported Best Buddies and our decision up until now, we very much thank you. This has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone involved.

To those of you that have bullied, accused, lied, and personally threatened us, you won. We feared so much for our safety that Shelby is now at Bonnie Terll’s veterinary practice, where she will be handed over to the Terlls. The Terlls will have Shelby back, saved and completely vetted at Best Buddies’ expense, both financially and professionally.

We could no longer jeopardize the safety of ourselves, our families, our homes, and our pets. Congratulations--you've exhausted, insulted, belittled, frightened, terrified, and generally beat up 3 women.

The bullies also had a helper. Leah Friedman of the News & Observer called to get our side of the story, which we were happy to give yesterday (we played phone tag until today). Since then, the threats against us made us fear to have any more personal information about us put out to the public.

We expressed our fears to Leah, and were told she would run the story whether we gave our side of the story or not. We then asked her if she did run the story, to please not put our full names out there for fear of further threats of violence. She said she would still run the story and include our names.

She has no concern for our safety. She simply wanted some “sensational” news. We find her insistence to endanger our personal safety completely irresponsible and inhuman.

As for Shelby, we hope that the Terlls will not allow her to roam anymore. She’s a very special little dog that deserves to be safe. We love her too. That’s why we went through this nightmare -- for her. We beg you, Liza, please keep her safe.

To those of you who have spent much time vilifying and threatening us for saving a dog's life and trying to find a responsible home for her, now we hope that you can turn your free time into something a little more constructive, such as fostering neglected animals or volunteering your time at local shelters to prevent incidents like this from occurring in the future.

Our reputation may be irreparably tarnished, people may insult and threaten us for a long time going forward, and unfortunately we may not be able to save and place as many dogs as we would have. The community may also suffer as all of the adoption days, animal care open houses, charitable contributions in our name to other local causes, and educational efforts at regional festivals have now been jeopardized by irrational individuals short on facts but long on memory and misplaced anger.

Perhaps the community’s awareness of pet care has been raised and Shelby will be better looked after; we hope there’s some silver lining in this.

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