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Terll responds to Best Buddies

By Liza Terll
Posted Tuesday, January 16, 2007

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Pittsboro, NC - Following are my responses to the email from Best Buddies to the Chatlist

1. Not without cause did we think Shelby had been killed by coyotes.

We are surrounded by 300 acres of woods and my husband had seen signs that coyotes were around. Shelby had never wandered or left our yard.

I've never lost a dog, never had to contact the animal shelter--it just wasn't something I thought to do.

2. I told BBCRA in a previous email that I would follow any recommendations they made if they would return Shelby. Shelby was let outside to run around and play with our other two dogs--who also have never wandered from our yard.

She was never housed in a doghouse, garage, or any other type of outbuilding. She came inside the house or went outside the house at her pleasure.

3. Shelby does have a collar. I told BBCRA that my daughter and I had removed her collar earlier when we had put her in the bathtub for a bath. We just forgot to put it back on her.

4. BBCRA was told that Dr. Terll had come by out house twice to get Shelby to be neutered, but we weren't home at the time. We informed BBCRA that we had all intentions of having Shelby neutered. We also informed BBCRA that we have two other dogs that we've had since they were puppies. One is 12 years old and one is 11 years old--both dogs we had neutered. Shelby was curent on all of her shots.

5. The previous owner of Shelby informed BBCRA that she had her rabies and innoculation paperwork and it would have been supplied if requested. Shelby showed none of the symptoms of E. Canis. It was a bad season for ticks, my entire family found ticks on themselves throughout the summer.

6. I did not complain about the money. I said it would take me a day to get $200-$250. I have three children, one of whom is in college.

It was four days before Christmas, so money was a little tight. I told Pam that my children would happily forfeit some of their Christmas to contribute toward's Shelby's return. Dr. Terll also informed BBCRA that she would personally see to any vet care Shelby would need. I had the money the day after Pam told me they would return Shelby, hoping we would get her back by Christmas.

When Pam called me to tell me Shelby would be returned her first sentence to me was "if I were willing to eat some crow" and sit down and listen to her recommendations as far as the feeding and care of Shelby. The "eat crow" might have put me off a little, so I probably didn't think to thank her profusely for caring for Shelby. I also told her that I had just returned from Savannah and had driven all night so I might not be real clear headed. I can't believe they would dare to imply that my "now professed love for the animal" is not sincere.
Shelby LOVES my little girl. She followed her wherever she went, sat with her wherever she sat, slept with her wherever she slept. I don't understand why BBCRA thinks it is not in Shelby's best interest to return her to Tess.

I'm sorry that BBCRA doesn't think that the Chatlist is not a proper place to discuss this situation. I didn't know what else to do to get their attention.

BBCRA made the decision not to return Shelby before they asked me any questions They informed me that I didn't meet their adoption criteria without my ever having filled out an adoption application. The main thing in my mind is this is our dog, they should have returned her to us regardless of whether or not we meet their rather rigid adopton criteria.

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