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Let's take our responsibility of voting a little more seriously

By Joe Kingley
Posted Monday, May 16, 2011

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Pittsboro, NC - Once again our left-leaning compatriots seek to muddy the waters with irrelevancies. No matter what event takes place there will always be the risk of situation arising that can spoil them. If those on the left wish to have a level playing field, I suggest they concentrate on ensuring that those that vote actually have the right to vote, and those that take them to the polls do not have undue influence over the way their “charges” vote, either by suggestion or coercion.

I might be more sympathetic to their cause if they acknowledged the need to ensure the person who is voting actually is alive, lives at the stated address, has not previously voted in the current election, and is qualified to vote as a U.S. citizen. As Linda stated, in days past, people had to travel long distances to one polling station in their own time in order to vote. Times have changed, and now the left-leaning legislatures have made it too easy to game the system and cheat.

For those of you who think that the examples given by Darryl Wally are not irrelevant, I would ask the following:

Why do I need two weeks of days to vote because I am going to be “out of state” on a business or other trip? If I know that before hand, I can use the absentee voter form.

Why does Darryl not suggest having a “late voting” program for those people who plan to vote on the actual voting day, but then fall sick or have an emergency? Who will ensure that they actually were subject to the emergency or sickness, and how long do we delay the count to ensure their late vote does not unduly affect the results of a close race?

The polls are open for 12 – 13 hours on voting day. Is it impossible to find time before or after work to actually act responsibly and vote, or are you more concerned that it will be inclement weather that day and your supporters would rather stay in bed, than get up and brave that –oh-so-terrible inconvenience of going out in the rain?

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Let's take our responsibility of voting a little more seriously

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