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Stay young at heart by staying involved with young people

By Jimmy Pharr
Posted Tuesday, November 21, 2006

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Pittsboro, NC - I do the "play-by-play" for varsity and Junior varsity football. Attendance has gotten better as Northwood has become a championship caliber team going past the 2nd round for the first time in school history. But Harrington is correct.

Last year and some of this year - all for the JVs - most of the people in the stands have been relatives of the players. I really do not understand this lack of attendance by the Pittsboro community. Northwood High School is the ONLY high school in the area, and most in this "so called community" never attend any school functions unless their child is involved. The lack of support is pathetic.

Being the PA announcer, I've seen every home game by both football squads, and I'm here to testify to some OUTSTANDING and very EXCITING football. You out there have truly missed some special times and some special performances by some extremely gifted athletes. You may never see a Tobias Palmer or a Josh Edwards again for quite a while. You are also missing a very fine, award winning Marching Band, as well as cheerleading squads that have also won awards.

Maybe it is just "Good old days", but in Statesville where I grew up, the stands were allways full and they had four area high schools there. And after every game, football and basketball, the town recreation department had a dance.

As Harrington so "politically incorrectly" pointed out; most of you seem so preoccupied with politics, agendas, causes, and crusades, you have forgotten how to "come back down to earth" and try doing something radically different for a change - sit back, enjoy yourself and get immersed in something REALLY important like your local (and only) high school. If you bothered to go see a few events, you might discover the "grass roots" of what America is really all about. Causes, crusades, agendas keep frowns on your face ; getting back into a "young people" world will put the smiles back.

I know we live near "The Peoples Republic Of Chapel Hill" (hey cut me some slack - I went to school there), but lighten up a bit, go to a high school game or play and discover what true enjoyment and entertainment is about. It is there for you. Northwood would love to have you. THAT is a cause worth believing in.

If you want to stay young at heart, stay involved with young people. Protesting the local nuclear plant may make you feel better, but young people keep the smile on your face and the skip in your step. Life is too short.

Try it out. Just dont ask for the PA announcer job, as bad as I am, you'll probably get it !

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Stay young at heart by staying involved with young people
"You may never see a Tobias Palmer again for quite a while."
photo by Gene Galin

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