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There is something rotten in Chatham

By Efrain A. Ramirez
Posted Monday, April 3, 2006

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Pittsboro, NC - There is "something rotten in Chatham". What we have here is a vile canard, a very red herring.

This is not new however. It has been brewing for a long time; a plot hatched by an influential group of well heeled individuals & corporations who saw great profit in Chatham. Their ability to continue to expand their work in counties surrounding us would soon be restricted by over saturation, resulting from over development in Wake and Durham. They planned well.

The first evidence was some eight years ago when a little known self appointed car wash king first ran as a Republican, using his legitimate residence, for the seat of County Commissioner against Bob Atwater. He was soundly defeated while telling the truth as to who he really was.

Since being truthful did not work for him, he apparently decided to be untruthful, running a second time as a "democrat", while alledgedly residing in a Silk Hope bungalow with a young couple; a kind of menage a troi. Though he claimed to live at this bungalow, there were frequent sightings (every morning & evening) of this individual at a grand expanse of residence where he, wife and family really lived. It seems a trumped Board of Election accepted the sketchy evidence regarding this car wash person's legal residence; a BoE appointed by another aspiring power broker, soon to come on the scene as a prominent player in the behind the scene plan to take control of Chatham County government.

The plot thickens. Then a very capable and dedicated County Commissioner is defeated in the "democratic" primary, replaced by another who would eventually sit and nod " I second" every time this non Silk Hope resident proposed anything, no matter how ludicrous it seemed. "If you want to see me do my thing, just pull my string!"

The final insult to the healthy well being of Chatham was the election of the now politically transposed and allegedly residentially transplanted candidate in question; this after the ugliest, slimiest, most heavily financed campaign in the history of county politics. You would have thunk you were in Cook County, Illinois, Hudson County NJ, or back to the times of Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall in NYC. Some good and sincere people were smeared and brought down to defeat so that this claque of evil doers could now control the future of Chatham; open it up to all who wished to profit, regardless of the consequences to thosel who lived in the paradise called Chatham. The transformation to "plantation Chatham" was underway. Instead of "Boss Tweed", we had "Boss Bunkey !"

It's not that we who lived here did not want any one else to come and share our good fortune, but rather that we all wanted it done in a rational and considerate way. Be that as it may, the forces who now control opened the flood gates and in they came with over 11,000 new rooftops and practically no plan as to how to pay for the infrastructure that was totally lacking.

Yes, the State DOT did bless us with four lane highways that would facilitate the movement of vehicles to and fro; and the newly elected commissioners embarked on a grand scheme to bring water where there was none. But! They totally ignored the county's ability to properly dispose of the waste that would emanate from all these residences, approving instead systems consisting of thousands of sprinklers to spray semi treated waste water throughout the county.

And the schools! The thousands of new students that were acoming (say 11,000 times one; times two?)! The millions of dollars that would be required to pay for the education of all these children! The total lack of planning! The ignoring/diluting/shelving of all the work that had already been accomplished by so many capable groups who had put in months and years of preparation towards the growth that was to come!

The backers of those now in control of county government really did not have to concern themselves with what they were foisting on current and future residents of Chatham. They weren't going to pay the bills. The residents of Chatham would take care of the li'l bit of problem later.

This scheme has been ongoing. It took careful planning. It is still in the works. A lot of people have been misled and seduced into believing that the uncontrolled expansion of residential rooftops is good for Chatham. That we should be cloned into another Wake County, San Diego County and/or Palm Beach County. We now have heads of the democratic clique running as a Bunkey look-a-likes, so she too can say "I second that". There was a failed attempt to subvert municipal government in Pittsboro. And yes Chris, I did not run. Because I wasn't interested in winning. I wanted to see what you were truly made of. I found out. "Your people" were responsible, probably with your consent and approval. They were there during the candidates forum. That's OK. My candidacy served it's purpose.

I propose that we bring Chatham back to where we all want to be. A well planned community. One that has room for all who live here and desire to do so. There are already two County Commissioners dedicated to a good future for Chatham; Patrick Barnes and Mike Cross. Help elect three more like minded individual who WILL be responsible to the voters and residents of Chatham; not to those who want to destroy that which we treasure.

Vote for George Lucier, Carl Thompson, Tom Vanderbeck for Chatham County commissioners.

And yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause! And there is still a future for Chatham County; after the above three are elected on May 2nd ... VOTE ! This will be the most important election in the contemporary history of our County government.

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