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Shelby belongs back with my friends

By Brenda Denzler
Posted Monday, January 15, 2007

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Pittsboro, NC - I believe I know who the dog "Shelby" was placed with after the BBCRA got her. They were two of the most loving people you could imagine. Knowing I'm a dog lover, one of them brought pictures of their new pooch to work to show to me and we exchanged "wonderful dog" stories.

A few weeks later, right before Christmas I saw one of these friends at church and asked how their new family member was doing. Her eyes welled up with tears and she said, "We had to give her back to Best Buddies last Wednesday. Apparently the family she used to belong to lives in our neighborhood, and they saw us out with her and demanded that Best Buddies give her back to them. We didn't have any choice. We were forced to give her back. We stayed up all that night crying and talking."

She continued to explain that while Best Buddies was not going to return the dog to the original owners because they did not think the original owners were able and/or willing to care for her properly, they also could not allow my friends, her new owners, to keep she went back into the system.

My friends were heartbroken.

There may be a case that the original owners don't deserve to have her back: Lack of spaying and neutering, lack of vet care records, infection with a tick-borne virus that can be lethal, taking no overt measures to find the dog when she went missing.

But I fail to understand why my friends had to be treated this way. They are good, loving people with the income level to support a small dog like Shelby. They loved her fiercely and grieved mightily when she was taken away from them just because weeks and weeks after her disappearance and rescue, someone said, "Hey, that's my dog!"

In my opinion, "Shelby" belongs back with my friends.

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