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Is Shakori Hills a peaceful event?

By Thurman Maness
Posted Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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Silk Hope, NC - Many posted remarks saying that the June 6th noise that lasted until 4 a.m. was not from Shakori Hills. Well, excuse me- sorry to report that I couldn't hear the noise from Shakori Hills, because of a louder unwanted late night noise!

"Peaceful" "Enjoyable" "Family event" are all subject to interpetation.

The most recent post defending Shakori Hills, from Mr. Efrain, wonders if (we) the peace seeking individuals have ever been to an event at Shakori? He goes on to explain that it "is a peaceful, enjoyable family event." "Peaceful" "Enjoyable" "Family event" are all subject to interpetation. Seemingly he is saying that if you haven't been there, don't knock it.

I am not exactly a babe in the woods when it comes to show biz. Some years ago, I appeared alone on stage with Judy Garland, at the palace theater in New York City. Yes, we were loud ( a peaceful, enjoyable family event)- but mind you- our performance was kept within the walls of the Palace Theater. It did not keep the bum in the alley from sleeping not did it annoy folks standing in line waiting to go to the top of the Empire State Building..

What, may I ask, Mr. Efrain, is so wrong about us (the complainers) who want to enjoy our own peaceful, enjoyable family events in our homes and surroundings, without the loud noise and music that is not contained within Shakori Hill's property? (and other loud out-door events)

That is the key to the whole problem - Do whatever you want on your property, but don't force your good times and loud noise on those outsiders and neighbors that do not want to share your good times. Shakori Hill's liberties end where ours begin.

Not Mr. Efrain, Shakori Hill owners, the performers or concert attendees would permit the same volume or noise level to be broadcast into their homes from an unwanted person or group. As it stands now, those who attend Shakori events, can arrive, hear whatever is being offered and leave it all behind. Not so with neighbors of Shakori- There are many, many residents who are upset and bothered by the sounds broadcast from Shakori, that never complain- they are too scared. I have been told by at least one neighbor of Shakori, that he is planning to sell his house and leave the area, all because of the noise.

And, just because a loud noise ends at 9:30 p.m., does not make a loud noise acceptable. Keep "peaecful events" on the peaceful event property. We are weary of your noisy peaceful events. Let them be with you , not us.

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