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The problem with our public schools continues to be how the money is spent

By Michael Tucker
Posted Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Pittsboro, NC - Let's have a little fun.


Let’s look at some facts about teachers' pay in North Carolina. Students are required to spend 185 days per year in classroom instruction. 365 days in one year equals 180 days teachers NOT teaching. Most workers deal with a work year of 261 days per year. Then you subtract holidays and vacation/leave. (When we have a leap year, most workers work an extra day. Teachers get an extra day off.) NC teachers work with a 10-month year. Most workers arrive at our place of work and spend eight hours plus time off for lunch (8.5-9 hours per day).

I am not sure how many hours a teacher must spend on the job from arrival. Possibly 7:45 am to 3:30 pm with at least one break for lunch? I am guessing a shorter day for teachers than 8.5-9 hours? Of course some teachers give
more than the minimum as do some workers in every job. Students must spend at least 5.5 hours per day in classroom instruction.

The median income in NC is about $45,500 per year. The average teacher’s annual pay is about the same even though the hours and days on the job are significantly less. Some teachers earn less. Some earn more. Teachers get paid way better per hour than the average working person with a lot more time off.

Here is another stunning fact. Studies show only one in seven employees are best fit to perform their job in all types of employment. That means six out of seven are good enough or average or mediocre, or not fit at all! Some
perform well despite their lack of ideal fitness. Other studies show 75 percent of people hate their jobs. How do you feel about your child’s education now?

Here is another brain teaser. If the average classroom has 30 students, and the average teacher is paid $45,000 plus benefits (let’s say a total of $50,000), and the government says it spends $8,000 for each student, that means a total is spent of $240,000 per classroom. The teacher gets $50,000.

Where does the other $190,000 PER CLASSROOM go?

Many of the buildings are paid up. The land is paid. The schools do not pay property tax. The janitors and cafeteria people don’t make a lot of money. Utilities don't cost that much.

The problems with our public schools are not that teachers are not paid well or the school budget is too small. The problem continues to be how the money is spent.

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The problem with our public schools continues to be how the money is spent

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