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"Plenty" of questions

By Robin Luker
Posted Monday, June 8, 2009

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Siler City, NC - Those were the key words right there Matt Rudolf, "Finally, if you REALLY cannot offload them Plentys may be exchanged for dollars at Capital bank (for a 10% loss)"

I myself have not gotten any Pittsboro Plenty yet, but I do not blame anyone for not taking it. If I was an employee who did not live in Pittsboro, why would I want to be paid in Plenty and I had no use for it. And then if I traded it in I would loose 10 %. That wouldn't be fair would it?

I don't understand the whole plenty thing yet, but I would worry also about unauthorized reproduction. And how do they work the change thing, does the total of your purchases get rounded off? To my understanding you get ten cents more when you buy plenty with every dollar of yours. Is this correct? I am honestly not sure.

But the idea is to spend in some stores in Pittsboro that do accept it right? But yet the prices are generally higher in some of those stores then others so what is my incentive to go to those stores and use it? Can I use it at Food Lion? Because most of my cash goes to groceries and such. Especially in times like the economy is in now.

What gas stations can I use it at? Is there a list somewhere that I can find? Although I may still have a lot of questions, I still can totally understand why someone wouldn't take it. I also know I would be mad as hell if my employer paid me in Plenties and I was forced to take a loss on my money because I live in Siler City and don't shop in Pittsboro.

Maybe we all just need some assurance that our hard earned dollars won't take a loss.

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