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Pittsboro Matters continues with scare tactics and bullying about Chatham Park

By Donna Bianca
Posted Sunday, June 8, 2014

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Pittsboro, NC - I just had to respond to Chatlist Post 4972 and Pittsboro Matters.

I was counting the people who were pro-park and my numbers came out at 40 for the Park, 25 against but would consider it with with changes, and five who say save the trees or no one should build. Where do you get two-thirds who support the eight conditions? I'm tired of reading your scare tactics and bullying. Some of your members are from the same group who opposed the four lane by scaring people saying Pittsboro will become desolate. The same group who said they didn't want the power plant in Chatham County so they moved it just over the Chatham County line into Lee County. You have told people that there will not be any turn lanes into downtown Pittsboro Business 64. Shame on you. You are trying to scare people and are not working to the best interest of the citizens of Chatham and by no means the children of Chatham.

I guess it was OK that Tim Smith and Bubba Rawls stepped up and wrote a $50,000 check to cover the costs of designing the state funded Main Street Project which needs to be submitted by June 30, which will give Pittsboro up to $3,000,000 (yes million) dollars each year to enhance and beautify downtown Pittsboro. Yes they have money. There are other builders who have gone by the wayside and have homeowners suing them for shoddy work. Not so with Preston. All you have on your next project is the reputation from your last project. Preston has a very good reputation.

There are many people who can write and sell books, are independently wealthy, work for the government or travel around the country promoting this or that. Then they work to prevent change in Chatham in their spare time. In the meantime all of our children will have to leave this county to find jobs. Only eight things is what you want? Each one tied up with dozens of other "things" before the first step is taken. I believe our board is smart enough to keep this program in line. Mayor Terry and all of the board members are educated people who have been entrusted to make decisions. This is the beginning plan, not the final product.

Two thousand acres, 35% of the 7,000 acres are not going to be built on, but Pittsboro Matters wants more and more. If you want to see some trees then go to upstate New York or Detroit where hundreds of manufacturing companies are abandoned and have trees growing in empty parking lots. People are coming here and you need to make room for them and you don't have the right to get in their way. I think PM should have gathered all their funds together and purchased the land from all the land owners before Preston came here. Hey, maybe Tim and Bubba will sell you some back.

I don't believe the board will lose their backbone. I believe the board will vote to approve the zoning, just the first step of many on Monday so gather yourselves up, it will be your last chance to get your face on the news at least until the next growth issue shows up and intrigues you to the point of disruption.

Donna and Bob Bianco are Chatham County residents living across the street from Chatham Park.
Chatham County Business Owners

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Pittsboro Matters continues with scare tactics and bullying about Chatham Park

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