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Peter Theye's childish behaviour does not support his plea for civility

By David Morris
Posted Monday, October 3, 2011

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Pittsboro, NC - I wanted to take this opportunity to address Peter Theye's call for more manners at the Chatham County board of commissioners' meetings. I agree with Mr. Theye that more civility is needed, but do question the source for such a call to action. Mr. Theye, your comments should have been given not to the board of commissioners, but rather to a mirror, as you are the one who needs a lesson in manners.

You sit in the back at these meetings and offer your input by yelling while others have the floor to speak. You roll your eyes and make other gesticulations which you now seem determined to accuse others of. I find your call for this ironic, especially considering you are perhaps the biggest culprit. You call out Mr. Bock on maturity,
but you sir are the one who behaves childishly, not Mr. Bock.

However, there is one comment that stuck out to me the most, and it is this one from the Chatham Online bulletin board:

'Our county is being uprooted by Bock. He has not ties to it, no history, no reason why it should be of any value to him except for short term gain.....'

There are many things that are wrong with this statement, but the most glaring one is the accusation that somehow Mr. Bock plans to gain, short-term, on uprooting the county. Statements like these are what is wrong with American politics today. I would like for you to share with us exactly what Mr. Bock would gain, personally or otherwise, by not appointing Ms. Weakley. Otherwise you are making an accusation without any factual evidence to back it up. If you are calling him corrupt you should back this up. So please share with us, or be exposed as a political antagonist.

The other part of the statement is ridiculous too, but for much more foolish reasons. To say he has no ties to the land is ridiculous. I think the man served and protected this nation for twenty years, that should qualify as ties in my book. He has been actively involved in local politics for all of his time here, and now has run for and holds office.

He has more ties than you do in my book. He protected your right to make false accusations against him, and you should thank him for that.

As a native and multi-generational North Carolinian I believe Mr. Bock is the model for civility and manners that we as natives hold dear, regardless how you feel about his political leanings. You could learn something from him Mr. Theye. He behaves much more like a southern gentleman than you ever could.

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Peter Theye's childish behaviour does not support his plea for civility

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