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Pittsboro Subway under new management is a definite improvement

By Jina Southerland
Posted Sunday, November 20, 2011

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Pittsboro, NC - I knew something was different when I went in there. I have not been to the Pittsboro Subway in at least two years because of the horrible service I had gotten there in the past. One time I went in there and ordered a chicken breast sub... the girl put teriaky chicken on it... I reminded her I wanted chicken breast..she said ok and made another one with the same teriaky chicken. So I spoke up a little louder and said "I want the CHICKEN BREAST" she said "I KNOW GOSH!" and threw new bread down, threw the chicken on it.

This is where I got immature. I went thru the entire process of making the sandwich then at the end I took it and said "I did not want my sandwich made with an attitude, you made the mistake not I and your negative energy is not welcome. take your sandwich"

A few days later I called to speak to the manager and he was just as rude. So I called the corporate office. Apparently that girl had gotten a few complaints and she was let go.

So I go back a few other times and got the whole "ignore that there is a customer here" treatment. They joked and talked to each other about inappropriate things. I was done with the Pittsboro Subway. I had started going to the Subway at Southern Village and loved it. Then I was loving the new Subway that opened at Cruizers. They are even open early for breakfast unlike the one in Pittsboro

The other day I was at Food Lion and just didn't feel like driving to Cruizers for a sub so I stopped in the one in Pittsboro. I was welcomed. The only thing I was disappointed about was I had asked the girl to grill my sub for half the time which is what I do everytime and she must have had other things on her mind because she forgot and I had to tell her to take it out but that is no biggy. When I asked for a little mayo she gave me ... a little mayo! Which is unusual because usually they glob it on no matter what. I was so happy with my experience there. I had to tell my husband after he ate his sub where I had gotten it.

We will definitely go back. And now I know why the service was good and the store was clean.

Try it. It is definitely a great change!

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