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In living with coyotes we are warned with their howl

By Virginia Mary Jacks
Posted Sunday, November 20, 2011

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Pittsboro, NC - Thanks Bett for your very intelligent input on "living with coyotes". The Native Americans knew well how to do this and the coyote was their teacher. I had some very hard lessons to learn when I first moved to Chatham County with the loss of animals. But the coyote is an honest teacher never to worry. Their mission is straight forward as survivalist.

On the contrary man is not so direct nor honest. The coyote will make a swift kill; where man will numb off and manipulate his victims by sugaring their psyche first. The coyote's work is not evil; it is pure and open as God created them to be. Humans who have free will with their creator's image stamped upon them at birth can be more destructive than a pack of coyotes. The death is only slower, but it still gets yah. If you know what I mean.

So enjoy the candy corn and all the muffled "seemingly innocent" celebrations of Jack and his lanterns dressing your little folk up as ghosts and goblins. There is nothing innocent at all about the devil's night of glory. And now the royal purple color is added to this holiday.

Sheesh people!?! Don't cha get it? We are told this country will be taken over by the enemy without firing one single shot. Yep! And we will dance our numbed up little kids right into the sacrifice all dressed up in cute little costumes. But no, we can't afford to look square and stay home turning off the front porch light. It is after all just a fun night of dress up and trick or treat, right? Whew! I shake my head in dismay, as I remember the wise words written in a very old book I read....."My people will perish for lack of knowledge...." Hosea 4:6

In living with coyotes we are warned with their howl; yet in our lack of wisdom we do not listen to another honest warning... "I will search...with lamps...and punish the men that are settled in their complacency...." Zephaniah 1:12

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