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Let's pass a noise ordinance so no one can burp or fart because the sound offends someone

By Mark Stinson
Posted Saturday, May 3, 2014

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Siler City, NC - There are sides to any issue but this one is close to me on both sides. I appreciate The Goathouse Cat Refuge for what it does for animals. I also am a big second amendment supporter. Let me voice my opinion carefully.

I had a friend with a collie and a big furry orange cat who moved into New York for a years worth of training. The first week the dog didn't eat and the cat retreated into the closet from all the loud noises in the new environment. He had a small balcony and neither animal would even venture near the open door to peek out. He said the trains shook the building, there was occasional gunfire, cars back firing, construction noises and the roar of the city's inhabitants constantly moving. After a month he noticed the dog was eating normally and the cat was exploring the apartment. When he opened the door for fresh air off the balcony a month later he found the cat on the rail looking down four stories like it owned the place with the dog sleeping in the sunshine. Both animals acclimated and from that point on no matter where he moved noises never bothered the animals .

I have dogs, my neighbor has dogs. The animals are used to the noise as its normal to them now.

We go down to the woods where a deputy buddy and a good friend knowledgeable of firearms advised us on how build our own private small firing range. We made it so the firearms would be shot in a direction away from the homes. It minimizes sound when they are fired away from the home . Its down in a low area surrounded by dirt and the hills that make sound travel up not out so much. Yes you still hear the gunfire but some proper planning and forethought help minimize the noise.

If someone used the landscape and proper foliage they could negate a good part of the noise to a much more manageable level. Most of the people I know who enjoy shooting do it responsibly during daylight hours. If you hear an occasional shot early mornings its someone hunting, not target practicing. I would expect a gun range would have set hours of operation as well and that would limit gunfire to certain times of the day.

There are those who tend to offend others with loud gunshots at odd hours of the day and night. I have found these folks offend others guns or not. They just don't care. Period. It's not the guns its the people who don't care for others rights for a peaceful nights sleep that are an issue.

We have a great sheriff's department and I'm sure a gun range would offer officers another place to go practice off duty as well. I don't see it as a bad thing. In fact, Chatham County really needs a gun range not just for practice but as a place people can go be taught how to properly discharge a firearm. The animals will be fine and there won't be any cats having a nervous breakdowns. Part of not fearing something is knowing how to properly use it and store it safely.

If you start telling folks what they can and can't do on their land based on noise you open up Pandora's box. It starts off as the guns are too noisy, so we stop people from firing guns. Then someone complains about loud farm or construction equipment, so we stop people from using machines as to not upset someone's pet animals. Then someone complains about highway noise so we spend millions dollars on brick walls to deaden the sound. Finally we pass a noise ordinance so no one can burp or fart because the sound offends someone, then all the politicians and do gooders fill up with gas and explode. If that happens do we really want to clean up that mess ?

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Let's pass a noise ordinance so no one can burp or fart because the sound offends someone

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