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It's called "progess"

By Efrain A. Ramirez
Posted Friday, June 30, 2006

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Pittsboro, NC - Here in the town (soon to be city) of Pittsboro, we have lots of noise.

Lots of dump trucks & log trucks (cough-cough) and trailer trucks, many putting on their jake breaks on NC 87/902; emergency vehicle sirens and periodic neighborhood parties with late night music. "twas not like that when I moved here 21 + years ago, but am getting use to it.

It's called "progress'.

Once upon a time Siler City had a vibrant, attractive city center (downtown) commercial area, with shops and food and clothing stores, restaurants; hardware, lumber, auto parts, etc. Now practically all of Siler City commerce is is on the US 64 strip, along with WalMart, with its low wages & low prices for food, clothing, furniture, etc. Most of WalMart hard goods & dry goods are imported from cheap labor producers in China & southeast Asia. Hence, because of these very low wages, factories that use to be in Siler City and other parts of NC are no more. They have moved off shore. So, we now have low price products & low wage jobs. A simplification of sorts, but true. That's called "progress".

I remember Cary when I first came to NC in 1973. It was a lovely little town. Not too different in appearance from Pittsboro. Look at it now. That's called "progress"

Wake County is facing yet another 25,000 plus moving shortly. One of the fastest growing areas in the US. Big on new students, short on schools ! Needing to raise taxes ! Needing more water! One more reservoir has to be built by 2025-27. Not soon enough? For how long will Chatham be able to get water & from where ? We are growing too. Another 12,000 for us and then maybe ten more after that! That's progress ??

The Silk Hope area is a beautiful rolling hills, farm region. Or should I say was. We now have Bobcat and several other "Points"
encroaching on all those lovely farms, Declining pastoral scenery, being replaced in many cases by expensive housing with lovely white fences. Eventually the peacefulness of the area might could be shattered by dump trucks, construction equipment & sirens from emergency vehicles as more & more people move in. But, hopefully there will still be a Shakori Hills Farm (70+ acres) preserve of woods and meadows, with a few barns and a couple of stages & good music.

I hope that Silk Hope doesn't completely loose it's farm ambiance. I hope that they also will be able to continue the yearly ol' time farm equipment event, with roaring, smoke spouting tractor pulls. That is truly music to my ears. Perhaps we can soon bring back the post 4th of July fireworks in the farm festival .... believe that was somewhere off of Henderson Tanyard ? I really enjoyed the "how high can we blow the anvil" event. Those who put on those fireworks (well into the night) were "explosive" experts. They really new how to go out with a BIG bang. The "total" serenity of Silk Hope will gradually slip away. As was the peace of those who lived along side of two lane highways. It is a pity that we loose so much because of what some call "progress".

I don't like it any more then any one else. But as much as I try, all I seem to be able to do is perhaps slow it down; hopefully to help make it look better; sound better . Can't seem to be able to stop what is called "progress" . I reckon we can continue to try

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