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It's not about us, it's not about you

By Delcenia Turner
Posted Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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Chatham County, NC - I commend Steve Candelori for making one comment in his previous post that I am in complete agreement with, “I trust the voters in the county to not pass up a good leader because they are Black, or Hispanic or Oriental, etc.”

It's not about us, it's not about you. It's about Chatham County period.

That fact was overwhelmingly proven with the unopposed election of Carl Thompson in the May Primary. Voters from across the county supported him because they agreed with the issues he stood for. The issues he campaigned about were issues the county was concerned about also, integrity in office, open government, sustainable growth. He was elected based on the “ideas and qualifications” you said should be a priority for voters. Thank you for your acknowledgement of the voters’ choice.

What Carl Thompson brings to the office of Commissioner is what intelligent voters want, legitimate credentials relevant to the office, experience in dealing with people on all levels, a passionate obligation to his native county beyond the district he resides in. He is the quintessential example of what countywide voting produces, the utilization of the talents and skills of a diverse citizenry, without which Chatham County, in all reality, can not go forward.

However, know that if district voting had been the standard in May 2006 as it was before 1975, no one would have ever heard of much less voted for Carl Thompson.

Know this also, if district voting is implemented in the November 7 election, Carl Thompson, will not be re-elected to finish the implementation of the new vision and direction for Chatham County he, George Lucier and Tom Vanderbeck were elected to fulfill. Theirs is a vision people will witness and benefit from over the next four years, despite their additional burden of having to clean up the incalculable mess Morgan and his two megalomaniacal pontificates are trying their best to leave.

If you want to talk about absurd, those ousted sardonic parvenues comprise the true theater of the absurd. Talk about the damage they have done to this county and intend to do under the smoke screen of district voting, believing, absurdly if you will, that one or more of them can be re-elected.

If you are going to apply a negative connotation to someone’s thoughts or words, apply it to people who act irrationally and illogically, like Morgan and company. Do not apply it to Mrs. Ellison’s contention that district voting will disenfranchise African-Americans and other minorities in Chatham because her conclusion is based on documented history even you can read on the Web, or in the library.

There are any number of real time historians who subscribe to this Chatlist that can verify her information also. Who have you been listening to? Could it be the Bunkey minions, or should I say “Defend OUR heritage minions” Mary Nettles, Martin Mason and Armenta Davis who do not seem to understand, to paraphrase James Baldwin, that if they take our rights in the morning, they will come to take theirs that night?!

Serious African-Americans in Chatham County know without doubt that district voting will disenfranchise them….again. African-Americans also know, without a doubt, that we have a right to a seat at the table; we do not need to ask you to “let” us sit at the table. Nobody is, as you claim, “playing around with policy.” Very legitimate, long term and portentous reasons exist for Chathamites to reject district voting.

It's not about us, it's not about you. It's about Chatham County period.

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