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It is obvious that some "Pittsboro Matters" members don't understand business

By Jack Stevens
Posted Thursday, December 12, 2013

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Pittsboro, NC - Jane Forbes of Pittsboro Matters, once again, you assume incorrectly. I am not the Bojangles' franchisee, I just listened to the times both he and I were at the Pittsboro BOC meetings. This will be their seventh restaurant, and one he took great pains to have it match the local environment. Other than that, I don't know the gentleman or his company.

I am a just a resident of Pittsboro, although not a "native" of this fine community. I have been here since 2000, and in Chatham County since late 1996. I work for a company based out of the state but has a large presence in NC and Chatham County, although my office is in Franklin county.

I just got very frustrated that someone would think that they could come in and object to a business well after they've committed hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars when the proper time to do so is before they spent that money.

The same goes for your proposition with Chatham Park. "Weeks ago" when this project has been in the works for seven years just won't cut it.

Would you be willing to cover the losses of the business people and their shareholders - who generally are not millionaires and billionaires but regular middle class people who have mutual stock funds, IRAs and 401Ks to try to live off of during their retirement years. Yes, Mr. Goodnight and company will do quite well if and when this finally gets approved. If it doesn't, they personally won't get hurt much. Just the teachers, police, firemen, and anyone else who has money in retirement funds.

It is obvious that you don't understand business. It is also obvious you would much rather have an abandoned trailer park with rusty trailers costing the taxpayers money than a thriving, tax-paying business.

Also, I apologize for mistyping a project name in my earlier reply to you. That should have been "Kensington Park" and not "Pennington" - and I did raise questions about that one at the BOC meeting, because of potential run-off caused flooding issues in the immediate area. It is also currently an ugly construction site, bit it is a construction site, with noisy earth moving machinery that I have been hearing seven days a week. They are trying to get as much of the run-off mitigation done before weather prohibits them from going further.

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It is obvious that some "Pittsboro Matters" members don't understand business

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