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Exposed! The intolerance of Mary Phyllis Horn and Pittsboro Matters

By Tom West
Posted Friday, February 28, 2014

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Pittsboro, NC - Well everyone, we had an opportunity to see the Intolerance of Mary Phyllis and the gang at Pittsboro Matters with her simple little question in Chatham Chatlist #4823

All you need to know about Mary and her tiny little group at Pittsboro Matters is summed up in her question - "Why do you want to change the Pittsboro human demographic? It will change. People coming in will not be of the same mind and preference as we have now."

Yep, it's as clear as day that all the Pittsboro Matters gang wants is intolerant people who are close minded and think like them.

Now Mary, isn't this intolerance contrary to what you preach on your web site - ?

As Jody pointed out in this morning's Chatlist -

What I get from your question is that you only want people here who agree with you and think like you do.

Did it occur to you that you might not be a member of the majority on this subject?

This county is a pretty diverse pool of thought and everyone has a different perspective to offer.

Demographics change regardless of the existence of a major planned development and the change will happen whether the existing county residents like it or not.

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Exposed! The intolerance of Mary Phyllis Horn and Pittsboro Matters
Mary Phyllis Horn is a member on the anti-growth Pittsboro Matters group.

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