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The Chatham County "Property Rights Death Squad" is picking a fightThe Chatham County "Property Rights Death Squad" is picking a fight
[Mar. 26, 2015] I've had the unfortunate opportunity to attend meetings of the new Chatham County Planning Board AKA "The Property Rights Death Squad." The new County Planning Board with new members appointed by the recently elected Democrat County Commissioners, plan to pick a fight with towns and villages in the western part of Chatham County. They have decided as their number one priority, to zone the entire County. By Jeffrey Meredith
My last penny spent at Walker Automotive NAPA in PittsboroMy last penny spent at Walker Automotive NAPA in Pittsboro
[Mar. 15, 2015] I have shopped at the NAPA store in Pittsboro for more than forty years, since 1972, possibly before Rober Reid bought and ran it. I've traded with Archie Hackney and Curt when they worked there, and Robert's son, Rob. Robert passed away not long ago. The store was sold to Walker Automotive of Chapel Hill. I continued to trade with them out of deference and because Rob still worked there. My account did not transfer to Walker. By Tom Glendenning
Staying warm and cozy when its so dang cold outsideStaying warm and cozy when its so dang cold outside
[Feb. 19, 2015] I thought I would pass what I have learned about staying warm when its so dang cold outside. My heat pump died last year so we have had to improvise. I have found that the ceramic heaters by Lasko at WalMart work really well. If you go check them out you will see smaller ones that work OK but don't waste your money on those. The largest ones are programmable to temperature, on times and off times and some even oscillate. By Mark Stinson
Chatham County Council on Aging seeks minor home repair volunteersChatham County Council on Aging seeks minor home repair volunteers
[Dec. 20, 2014] The Chatham County Council on Aging is looking for volunteers to join our Minor Home Repair Team. Volunteers complete simple household repairs for seniors who wish to remain safely in their homes. By Megan Adkins
D.O.T's shabby highway mowing
[Dec. 13, 2014] I watched highway 64 being built. Five nerve jangling years of digging, pushing, pulling, honking, burning, leveling, measuring and messing about. All for the perfect highway . Natural hills and slopes were cut away and replaced with 'more perfect' man made piles of dirt. Man made hills and slopes that would accommodate modern machinery and the overflow of rain water. The new highway also gave this area something along the roadside, from imported dirt, we never had before on the shoulders of the road- Fire ants, thistle and jimpson weed. By Thurman Maness
Broadband Service in Southeastern Chatham-HWY 902Broadband Service in Southeastern Chatham-HWY 902
[Dec. 5, 2014] Satellite and mobile connections are just not real solutions for broadband. After years of crying for broadband service in our area, we do have a provider who is willing to bring fiber to the home service along Hwy 902 from Harper's Crossroads to the Rocky River, and outlying roads. In a meeting with residents on September 25, 2014 Randolph Telephone Cooperative gave detailed information on their plans and gave residents a packet of information. What is needed is for homes along this corridor to make a commitment to take service. Randolph Telephone will extend service if they can get an average of one connection per thousand feet. By Marian Norton
Liberal Chatham School Board candidate Del Turner plays the race cardLiberal Chatham School Board candidate Del Turner plays the race card
[Oct. 30, 2014] Watch liberal school board candidate Del Turner play the race card towards the end of her presentation at the the Moncure candidates' forum. Del Turner says that she is the only "member of diversity" in this school board race. She goes on to say that "The most educated county in North Carolina, as you have been called in the newspaper. You want to keep people thinking that you are that by having a diverse board." By Tom West
Also: Video: Chatham School board candidate Del Turner plays the race card
Diana Hales' greatest accomplishment? Coming from California to get a husband!
[Oct. 26, 2014] I didn't believe this when I saw it, but liberal Diana Hales starts off her introduction at the candidates' forum in Pittsboro by claiming she came from Southern California to find a husband. And she did. (Nervous laughter from the crowd.) By Tom West
I would rather have legal immigrants as neighbors than those who choose to break our laws
[Oct. 16, 2014] I appreciate the time and effort Al Cooke put into his recent Chatham Chatlist post. While I empathize with poor Central Americans and their plight, I would rather have legal immigrants as neighbors than those who choose to break our laws By Tom Glendinning
Some of us don't pretendSome of us don't pretend
[Oct. 14, 2014] I read a recent Chatham Chatlist post that reminded me why I don't pretend. With that said, this is my opinion, so let's pretend things are different just to paint a rosy picture that goes both ways. Let's pretend voters didn't get so tired of tax increases and other B.S. that they didn't vote in the current board of commissioners. Let's pretend that the silent majority hadn't had enough of their tax dollars being wasted that they voted to remove those who didn't listen to what the majority wanted. Let's pretend one of the last commissioners didn't get thrown in jail. Let's pretend that no one will ever be held responsible for their actions or what they say. By Mark Stinson
Investing in forests, trees, etc.Investing in forests, trees, etc.
[Oct. 14, 2014] I am glad John Dykers mentioned the possibility that he might "replant with pines to send great grandchildren to school." The proper management he mentions is an investment as well as long term commitment. By Al Cooke
Feeling disenfranchised
[Oct. 5, 2014] This Labor Day, as my husband and I were driving by the McDonald’s on Lowe’s Drive in Pittsboro, we noticed that the American flag flying in front of the store was wrapped around the flagpole, as it had been for several days. I decided to call them to ask them to fix it. The store manager (whom I asked for) answered the telephone. I asked him if someone could fix the flag that was wrapped around the pole. He did not understand what I was saying, as apparently, he did not comprehend and speak English well enough to understand, “would you please have someone go out and untangle the American flag that is wrapped around your flagpole.” By Linda Bienvenue
Party line prejudices in Chatham CountyParty line prejudices in Chatham County
[Sep. 30, 2014] Well, I am glad to know someone caught me in the act. I am now prejudiced, uncompassionate, Hispanophobic, and, by inference, close-minded. Pardon me if I recount social history of Chatham County. I moved here fifty years ago and have seen too many changes to list. I have absorbed viewpoints with which I once disagreed, educated myself on the major movements of society, seen politics alter our lives, and have become friends with political foes of decades past. By Tom Glendinning
Red people? Blue people? What's the difference?Red people? Blue people? What's the difference?
[Sep. 17, 2014] In my near 50 years one thing that has always been crystal clear is that red people are Republican, blue people are Democrats. The red or mostly red with white and blue elephant represents the GOP. The blue or mostly blue with red and white donkey, ass, mule, whatever you prefer to call it represented Democrats. These are two set in stone facts so when election times came candidates from either party would use either the symbol or color of their respective parties so voters would see their campaign signs and know what party to associate them with. By Mark Stinson
There are plusses and minuses of changes in population and technology
[Sep. 9, 2014] This wish does not recognize the reality that Pittsboro shriveled to near death when the 'Label Plant' closed and the area had not yet experienced the economic boost from spillover from the Research Triangle Park. I don't know when thencphoenix was born or moved to Chatham County, but we all have to accept the plusses and minuses of changes in population and technology. By John Dykers

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