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Congratulations to Chatham commissioners for passing budget that does not raise tax ratesCongratulations to Chatham commissioners for passing budget that does not raise tax rates
[Jun. 18, 2014] Dear Brian Bock, Congratulations to you personally for such a well written post to the Chatlist, and to you and all the county commissioners for a budget paying for the most important matters, education, sewage, health dept. police, et al and keeping the tax rate from worsening for property owners. That, in itself, will attract new people, money, talent and business to the county, assuming this is desireable and inevitable! You have a difficult and complex and demanding task, and you do it well. By John R Dykers
Let's pass a noise ordinance so no one can burp or fart because the sound offends someoneLet's pass a noise ordinance so no one can burp or fart because the sound offends someone
[May 3, 2014] There are sides to any issue but this one is close to me on both sides. I appreciate The Goathouse Cat Refuge for what it does for animals. I also am a big second amendment supporter. Let me voice my opinion carefully. I had a friend with a collie and a big furry orange cat who moved into New York for a years worth of training. The first week the dog didn't eat and the cat retreated into the closet from all the loud noises in the new environment. He had a small balcony and neither animal would even venture near the open door to peek out. He said the trains shook the building, there was occasional gunfire, cars back firing, construction noises and the roar of the city's inhabitants constantly moving. By Mark Stinson
Population of Chatham County doubled in the last thirty years and you were a part of that growthPopulation of Chatham County doubled in the last thirty years and you were a part of that growth
[Apr. 28, 2014] I find that you have eaten of the fruit of the last damn Yankee tree, and you wish to shut the door so no more may intrude. The fine people who welcomed me to Chatham 45 years ago were friendly, open and did not fear newcomers. That is the main reason I moved here. In the next thirty years, as I have said before, the projections of population growth for Chatham exceed the number of residents of Chatham Park. By Tom Glendinning
Everyone from top to bottom that supports Chatham Park is thinking with their walletsEveryone from top to bottom that supports Chatham Park is thinking with their wallets
[Apr. 28, 2014] I have been silent for several months in regard to the ongoing Chatham Park debate but find it impossible as a Chatham homeowner to be silent. I will start by echoing the sentiments of several others - I, like many others, chose to live in Pittsboro because it isn't Cary. The quesiton I keep asking myself is why would anyone move or stay in Pittsboro with the intent of terraforming it into a congested, cookie cutter world when you can easily just move to one that already exists. By James Stewart
Who will get Chatham Park construction jobs?Who will get Chatham Park construction jobs?
[Apr. 28, 2014] Chatham Park construction contracts will be let by "Chatham Park Investors (AKA Tim Smith and Bubba Rawls)" based on the vendors capacity to perform the service, personal relationships and knowledge of prior performance, and price. Builders and realtors locally will be competing in a global marketplace just as we are now. I know a local contractor who wins bids for major water and sewer work in Chapel Hill. So the conclusions of Chatham Matters are an opinion/educated guess?
What I Have Learned from the Chatham ChatlistWhat I Have Learned from the Chatham Chatlist
[Apr. 28, 2014] I was relieved to learn that Tom Glendenning feels the Chatlist is a viable place to share our opinions. That was a relief to me, since I was uptight about Cryptic's willingness to waste patchouli oil in his engine. I wasn't that worried about Taylor Kish. He runs around on welfare fuel, paid for by those of us who pay taxes. His fuel is subsidized by little things like war, health care, climate change and the like. His inability to string together a cohesive argument may be evidence of quaffing too many petroleum fumes. By Lyle Estill
Crayons and rednecksCrayons and rednecks
[Apr. 28, 2014] I read something on the Chatham Chatlist about crayons and rednecks. Facts were used in the process of making the post and after reading it I had to ponder on it a bit. I'm not sure what possessed the writer to write the post or what the point of it was unless it was a post to push the progressive movement ideology that basically takes everyone's individuality away making us all a bland bunch of conformist who have no mind or freedom of choice. By Mark Stinson
Fisking Pittsboro Matters: Let's take a look at Columbia vs Chatham Park
[Apr. 26, 2014] This morning Leela Ellis told us about how the community of Columbia was a failure. Here's a look at Columia, Maryland via Wikipedia. While Columbia accounts for ten percent of Howard County, Chatham Park would account for less than two percent of Chatham County. By Tom West
Huffington Post highlighted an outstanding business leader, nothing more
[Apr. 25, 2014] The wonderful thing about the internet is that you can always find something that supports your perspective and sharing that information is as simple as clicking a button. Now the downside to that, is that at times it will either lack context or the context would be distorted to make a different point. By Kim Ringeisen
Very simple reason a person would not use a muffler or silencer
[Apr. 23, 2014] There is a very simple reason a person would not use a muffler or silencer while target shooting at a range. They only recently became legal in North Carolina to own one (late 2013) and only for hunting purposes. To obtain one, you must first get the approval of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, pass a federal background check, pay a federal tax payment of $200, which would then allow you to apply to the county sheriff for permission to own one. Then you have to find a vendor willing to sell you one. As near as I can find, the federal law only allows their use in hunting, not range shooting. By Jack Stevens
Glad to see gun range coming to PittsboroGlad to see gun range coming to Pittsboro
[Apr. 19, 2014] I am happy to see that there may be a gun range in Pittsboro. I have been having to go to private land or to another city to shoot so having one in my home town will be great. I am hoping it will be open to the public or at least have a membership. And I hope they will let me bring people under the age of 16 as my neighbors kids really enjoy shooting with us. They are very safe and attentive and have a blast shooting the 22. By Jina Southerland
Endorse debates on the Chatham ChatlistEndorse debates on the Chatham Chatlist
[Apr. 19, 2014] First, the creek surrounding half of Pittsboro and emptying into Jordan Lake is Robeson Creek. I believe that there are still some Robesons here. Another point I wish to endorse is the debate, subtle or not so subtle, on the Chatlist. We have such a privilege to participate in it because of this medium. Chatham Park is an important issue. Life here will be changed tremendously. I have learned valid things because of the debater's points. So let the topic run its course. There is yet ground to cover beyond the repetitions.
If you have uninvited hunters on your property,If you have uninvited hunters on your property,
[Apr. 18, 2014] If you have uninvited hunters on your property, call 1-800-662-7137. That is NCWR's enforcement hotline. By Karl Ernst
Is Jane Forbes the smartest person in Chatham County?Is Jane Forbes the smartest person in Chatham County?
[Apr. 16, 2014] Former Chatham Coalition Commissioner George Lucier better watch out. Looks like someone is looking to replace him as the "smarterst person in Chatham County." Found this proclamation by PittsboroMatters' member Jane Forbes at the Chatham Chatlist web site. "I am far better educated than you. Unless you happen to have 5 degrees and Doctor behind your name." By Tom West
Concerns with the Goathouse Refuge's anti-gun range petitionConcerns with the Goathouse Refuge's anti-gun range petition
[Apr. 11, 2014] I read in the Chatham Record and now in the Chatlist that Ms. Scarpa is unhappy about what the shooting range that is under construction near the Goathouse Refuge. I would just like to point out a few items in her post. First, the individual purchased the property “adjacent” to the Goathouse property - not attached to it. If it were attached, it would be owned by Ms. Scarpa, and she could do with it what she wants. If the property was for sale, any individual had the right to purchase it, and do whatever he/she wished with it. Perhaps, Ms. Scarpa should have purchased it “for the safety of the animals, cats, dogs, goats." By Linda Bienvenue

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