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Glad to see gun range coming to PittsboroGlad to see gun range coming to Pittsboro
[Apr. 19, 2014] I am happy to see that there may be a gun range in Pittsboro. I have been having to go to private land or to another city to shoot so having one in my home town will be great. I am hoping it will be open to the public or at least have a membership. And I hope they will let me bring people under the age of 16 as my neighbors kids really enjoy shooting with us. They are very safe and attentive and have a blast shooting the 22. By Jina Southerland
Endorse debates on the Chatham ChatlistEndorse debates on the Chatham Chatlist
[Apr. 19, 2014] First, the creek surrounding half of Pittsboro and emptying into Jordan Lake is Robeson Creek. I believe that there are still some Robesons here. Another point I wish to endorse is the debate, subtle or not so subtle, on the Chatlist. We have such a privilege to participate in it because of this medium. Chatham Park is an important issue. Life here will be changed tremendously. I have learned valid things because of the debater's points. So let the topic run its course. There is yet ground to cover beyond the repetitions.
If you have uninvited hunters on your property,If you have uninvited hunters on your property,
[Apr. 18, 2014] If you have uninvited hunters on your property, call 1-800-662-7137. That is NCWR's enforcement hotline. By Karl Ernst
Concerns with the Goathouse Refuge's anti-gun range petitionConcerns with the Goathouse Refuge's anti-gun range petition
[Apr. 11, 2014] I read in the Chatham Record and now in the Chatlist that Ms. Scarpa is unhappy about what the shooting range that is under construction near the Goathouse Refuge. I would just like to point out a few items in her post. First, the individual purchased the property “adjacent” to the Goathouse property - not attached to it. If it were attached, it would be owned by Ms. Scarpa, and she could do with it what she wants. If the property was for sale, any individual had the right to purchase it, and do whatever he/she wished with it. Perhaps, Ms. Scarpa should have purchased it “for the safety of the animals, cats, dogs, goats." By Linda Bienvenue
Birds you want and other critters you don'tBirds you want and other critters you don't
[Apr. 7, 2014] A simple birthday request by my wife has rendered 30 years of enjoyment, frustration, challenges, and success with feeding birds. First goldfinches, then blue birds and hummingbirds. We chose a one-sided feeder that closes itself when something too big approaches. When I used two-sided, the birds always fed from the side out of view. Squirrels eventually figure how to hang by their feet while holding the door open with one paw and scooping seeds with the other paw. By Michael Tucker
Broadband internet availability in ChathamBroadband internet availability in Chatham
[Mar. 29, 2014] It does appear that if you have access to both Time-Warner Cable and CenturyLink for internet service you are among the elite and well-served in the county(You may think otherwise!). You could still get a satellite dish if you live in an area that allows that, or rely on mobile (in areas where there are cell signals). In select areas you may be able to get fixed wireless through Chatham Wireless. Charter Communications provides some service in Siler City. By Marian Norton
What to do about unwelcome huntersWhat to do about unwelcome hunters
[Mar. 19, 2014] If you have unwelcome hunters, the simple answer is, call 911. In Chatham county, hunters are required to have written permission to hunt on land they do not own. If they do not have written permission then they can be charged. By Dan McCarty
Lawrence Group finds Pittsboro Matters making false claimsLawrence Group finds Pittsboro Matters making false claims
[Mar. 2, 2014] The small imaginary Pittsboro Matters group states on their web page and graph that "Chatham Park fits somewhere between Pittsburgh, PA and Baltimore, MD." It appears that this was another false claim by Pittsboro Matters. In response to question 7 of the report, the Lawrence group choose to "respectfully disagree" (a polite way of saying that Pittsboro Matters lied) By Tom West
Exposed! The intolerance of Mary Phyllis Horn and Pittsboro MattersExposed! The intolerance of Mary Phyllis Horn and Pittsboro Matters
[Feb. 28, 2014] Well everyone, we had an opportunity to see the Intolerance of Mary Phyllis and the gang at Pittsboro Matters with her simple little question in Chatham Chatlist #4823. All you need to know about Mary and her tiny little group at Pittsboro Matters is summed up in her question - "Why do you want to change the Pittsboro human demographic? It will change. People coming in will not be of the same mind and preference as we have now." By Tom West
Development and prosperity in Chatham CountyDevelopment and prosperity in Chatham County
[Feb. 28, 2014] Here’s a paragraph from a Special Report in The Economist titled Biodiversity. The bottom line is that wealthier regions sometimes do a better job of protecting and sustaining biodiversity.
We are all "upstream" and "downstream" from each otherWe are all "upstream" and "downstream" from each other
[Feb. 26, 2014] On the Chatham Chatlist Maryphillis said that "we know that our air and water supplies are the two most crucial components for life on this planet. They are crucial, ahead of food and climate-control, to sustain health. Without good - or reasonable - health, nothing else matters," comparing the "upstream" placement of a chemical storage tank. By John R Dykers
Chatham Park supporters should wear green at February 24Chatham Park supporters should wear green at February 24
[Feb. 19, 2014] On February 24, there will be very interesting things going on at the Pittsboro Town Commissioners meetings. On the 24th at the Historical Courthouse starting at 7 p.m., the Lawrence Group, which was hired by the town, will be presenting their findings of their study. I think people should be there to hear their findings first hand.
I'm thinking those of us who would like to move forward with Chatham Park should wear green. By Donna Bianco
Also: Bella Donna Italian Restaurant
Local town business owner asks: Pittsboro Matters or does it?
[Feb. 8, 2014] I could write this anonymously, but I guess I am braver than those other anonymous writers or maybe just plain ignorant. This may hurt my business but at this point, I don't care, it is already suffering, yes, suffering, between the economy and all this Pittsboro Matters group we may not make it. All we ever heard was there was no place in Pittsboro to eat. Everyone went to Chapel Hill, Cary or Raleigh to find good food. Now we have some good, affordable and even high end restaurants in this area. The shops in Pittsboro should be full all the time. You asked for it, you got it, and look how we are repaid. By Donna Bianco
Also: Bella Donna Italian Restaurant
Chatham county is big enough for Chatham Park and those who want the serenity our county offers us
[Feb. 7, 2014] This is in response to Jane Forbes about commending those who are against Chatham Park. Let it be known that there are those of us who are for Chatham Park who are not in any way affiliated with Preston Developers, Jim Goodnight or any others who know or work with these individuals. By Sherri Shepherd
I cannot recommend any additional taxation for others to bring broadband to myselfI cannot recommend any additional taxation for others to bring broadband to myself
[Feb. 2, 2014] My nomination for "quote of the day" is "anyone can check online for wireless broadband availability." On the Chatham Chatlist Taylor Kish seemed to hint that Chatham County residents, particularly Siler City apartment residents would be paying higher taxes so some who want faster, cheaper internet would get their wish. Taylor, I don't know where you are getting your information. As far as I know, and I may be wrong, Chatham County (as a governmental body) cannot provide broadband service for its residents. By Marian Norton

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