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ClydeFEST was a tremendous success thanks to dozens of volunteersClydeFEST was a tremendous success thanks to dozens of volunteers
[Apr. 20, 2012] The 11th Annual ClydeFEST Kids Carnival of Folk Art Fun was a tremendous success thanks to work on the part of dozens of volunteers. Attendees numbered just under a thousand and came from as far away as Australia. A wonderful new addition this year was the Clyde Jones Camp Scholarships that were awarded to five creative young people from Bynum and a new game called Bubble Trouble. By Leslie Landis
Engraved pavers installed at the Chatham Community LibraryEngraved pavers installed at the Chatham Community Library
[Apr. 12, 2012] Seventy-eight newly engraved pavers were installed on the Chatham Community Library sidewalk and plaza on Friday morning, April 6, 2012. Go and take a look, and start planning what you'd like your future paver to say. By Don Knowles
Why we mixed politics and religion on Easter Sunday at St. Bartholomew's ChurchWhy we mixed politics and religion on Easter Sunday at St. Bartholomew's Church
[Apr. 12, 2012] Thank you, Ms. Anderson and others who are concerned about keeping the holy day of our Lord's Resurrection holy. I could not agree with you more! Please let me explain our reasons for offering a voter registration on Easter Sunday. By Karen Ladd
Comparing Food Lion to Harris Teeter? There is no comparisonComparing Food Lion to Harris Teeter? There is no comparison
[Apr. 10, 2012] Comparing Food Lion to Harris Teeter? There is no comparison. Harris Teeter is a much better store overall providing fresher produce, beautiful meats as well as butcher counter and offers fivefold more gourmet food items throughout the store than Food Lion. By Sherri Shepherd
Dissatisfied with Food Lion's customer service? Vote with your feet.Dissatisfied with Food Lion's customer service? Vote with your feet.
[Apr. 9, 2012] I agree with Betty Black and others who have commented on the recent "makeover" at Food Lion in Pittsboro. Unfortunately, their renovations have only complicated their "so-so" customer relations. I too, recently had an incident where there were only two registers open on a particularly busy afternoon. By Linda Bienvenue
Do not be afraid to fill an empty building with children learningDo not be afraid to fill an empty building with children learning
[Jan. 26, 2012] I have been a reader of the Chatlist for about eight years. I also own a small business here in Pittsboro. I don't understand why some people are so afraid of anything changing in town. When the Piggly Wiggly opened after Lowe's Foods left, many people seemed to believe that life was coming to an end. Life didn't end, and I love the Piggly Wiggly and the friendly staff there. By Sherry Beck
A very different take on WalMart
[Jan. 18, 2012] On December 23rd, three years ago, we buried our 35 year old son, Jesse, a resident of Silk Hope, at the little community cemetery on 64, just outside of Siler City. At the time, we were visitors from Virginia, grief-stricken, but still needing some Christmas presents for his children and our other grandchildren in Durham. The Wal Mart is nearby.
My mom's business is flourishing by providing a service Wal-Mart can not touch
[Dec. 23, 2011] I'm a Siler City gal, and my mom is a small business owner. Her fabric store has been in business since 1988. When we learned Wal-Mart was coming to Siler City, at first, she panicked. She thought, OMG, I'll lose all my business. Then, she took a step back and evaluated her business versus Wal-Mart. Then, she thought of ways she and Wal-Mart could actually complement each other. By Rita Marley-McKenzie
Judge the Chatham County Economic Development Corporation for yourselfJudge the Chatham County Economic Development Corporation for yourself
[Dec. 19, 2011] I think we have a lot to be proud of in regards to the Chatham County Economic Development Corporation. While we are experiencing one of the worst recessions in recent history, the EDC developed a strategic plan that helped them identify industries to target, reorganized the board to make it less political, engaged all of the three municipalities in joint meetings so for the first time we can all work together on moving the county forward in a more productive way. By Jamie Nunnelly
While some see the Chatham Chatlist as a battlefield, I see it as an awesome community resourceWhile some see the Chatham Chatlist as a battlefield, I see it as an awesome community resource
[Nov. 23, 2011] I saw in this morning's chatlist that a Lynn Fass feels that the chatlist is a battlefield. I guess a positive outlook on life makes a world of difference in how you view our local community chatlist. I see the Chatham Chatlist as one of many ways to "experience the world of Chatham County, NC" It is an awesome community resource. By Liz Redwards
Pittsboro Subway under new management is a definite improvement
[Nov. 20, 2011] I knew something was different when I went in there. I have not been to the Pittsboro Subway in at least two years because of the horrible service I had gotten there in the past. One time I went in there and ordered a chicken breast sub... the girl put teriaky chicken on it... I reminded her I wanted chicken breast..she said ok and made another one with the same teriaky chicken. So I spoke up a little louder and said "I want the CHICKEN BREAST" she said "I KNOW GOSH!" and threw new bread down, threw the chicken on it. By Jina Southerland
In living with coyotes we are warned with their howl
[Nov. 20, 2011] Thanks Bett for your very intelligent input on "living with coyotes". The Native Americans knew well how to do this and the coyote was their teacher. I had some very hard lessons to learn when I first moved to Chatham County with the loss of animals. But the coyote is an honest teacher never to worry. Their mission is straight forward as survivalist. By Virginia Mary Jacks
There are less expensive local options for high school senior portraitsThere are less expensive local options for high school senior portraits
[Nov. 18, 2011] I just want to say I like Meg Miller's idea about local photographers as an option for senior pictures that protect families from the price gouging of the school brokered no-deals. It would seem to me locals could even do some portraits that might be more interesting and individualized for the students. By Stephanie Talbott
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Siler City Sportsman Lanes Bowling Center offers family fun
[Nov. 11, 2011] I am writing this to make sure that I relay how much appreciation and fun I and my partners have had serving this community over the past year. We knew that it would be difficult to rebuild the patronage back to the bowling alleys after the previous owner, but were hopeful, not to mention the current economic conditions. When we started the alleys we planned on using our extra capital to start a restaurant in Sportsmans Lanes, however we found out once we restored power here that absolutely none of the lanes equipment nor scoring systems work. By Crossroads Construction
Meeting video captures Jeffrey Starkweather's embarrassing behaviour
[Nov. 11, 2011] I don't make a habit of going back and forth on posts like Starweather's last week. But I would just implore everyone to watch the video of the meeting. The video speaks for itself and Starkweather's embarrassing behavior. The invited guest presenter came in response to repeated citizen input regarding hydraulic fracturing and Commissioner Kost's involvement in anti-fracking efforts. The guest speaker was kind and responsive to the citizens and he was fully open to take everyone's questions and he stayed afterward to continue hearing out their questions. Watch the video and you will not find a condescending presenter, in fact one citizen asking him a question opened up with "you are very charming" and the presenter quietly listened while the citizen named her concerns about the process. He let her finish and he answered calmly. By Heather Johnson

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