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Profiling and illegal immigration in Chatham County
[Mar. 21, 2009] The issue of racial profiling has been raised as one reason why enforcing our laws against illegal immigration is not do-able. I think this is probably the strongest argument the pro-illegal group has going for them. There are real dangers of this occurring. We know that it happens from time to time against our own citizens in the enforcement of other laws--or even just the "possible" enforcement of other laws. By Brenda Denzler
There is so much energy and good will for a bus service between Pittsboro and Chapel Hill
[Mar. 19, 2009] Getting around in Chatham County without a car is difficult. With little employment to anchor Pittsboro residents to their home turf, folks scatter in all directions every morning to earn their daily bread. About 13% of the workforce at UNC and UNC Hospital travel the 15-501 corridor to reach Chapel Hill. By Tim Keim
More information about whitetail deer than you want to knowMore information about whitetail deer than you want to know
[Mar. 11, 2009] The image painted of deer hunters also is interesting though not too accurate. Surely there are examples of "trophy buck hunters" just as there are "meat hunters" but by far the majority of hunters across our state fall into a place I call deer hunting. We kill many more does than bucks, use the meat from our kills and share the venison with others who will use it. By Aaron Honeycutt
Was Commissioner Lucier really a hero for backing out of a public forum?
[Mar. 7, 2009] This is in response to Mr. Phillips and Ms Miller's postings about what a hero Commissioner Lucier was by backing out of attending the CCV meeting at the last minute. He really saved himself from the "lynching meeting manipulated by outside hate groups" (Mr. Phillips) and "the clan meeting" (Ms. Miller) as they put it. The only thing is --- I, a concerned United States, Chatham County tax-paying, law-abiding citizen actually attended that meeting on Thursday evening at the Dockside (just wanted to make sure they had the correct meeting.) By Linda Bienvenue
The abundance of deer in this area will turn out to be a blessing
[Mar. 7, 2009] As an organic farmer in the area I would like to add my two cents to the deer population debate. Chatham County has a huge deer population, they are part of our environment and I too love to see them, however, feeding them is not a natural part of the process. By Pamela Costenbader
Gary and Meg paint Chatham neighbors with the "racist" brush
[Mar. 7, 2009] There is no denying that for some people, the reason to oppose illegal immigration boils down to racism. And that is reprehensible. But it is a huge mistake to believe that all reasons for opposing illegal immigration boil down to racism. Yet that is exactly what Gary and Meg seem to do. By Brenda Denzler
Commissioner George Lucier weasels out of commitment to attend public forumCommissioner George Lucier weasels out of commitment to attend public forum
[Mar. 2, 2009] Shame on you, Commissioner Lucier, for weaseling out of your commitment to meet with a group of people who don't share your ideology. I won't mention that ideology, since it is obvious. By Ed Williams
Lucier was smart to back out of the public forumLucier was smart to back out of the public forum
[Mar. 2, 2009] George Lucier "backs out" of citizen forum? Backs out or is smart enough to see a set up coming? Is that really a citizen forum? Sounds like a klan meeting to me. By Meg Miller
Commissioner Lucier made the right decision nor to attend the public forumCommissioner Lucier made the right decision nor to attend the public forum
[Mar. 1, 2009] No public official should submit themselves to lynching meetings manipulated by outside hate groups. I read the flyers being secretly distributed in Silk Hope, and I've been to the websites of Ali-PAC and the other organizations with a lot of bad-mouth and almost no members, and I've read the national reports about these groups. By Gary Phillips
Development around Chatham is what is moving more deer into the county.
[Mar. 1, 2009] Deer are part of the ticks' ability to move about but so are the raccoons, the o'possums, the foxes, coyotes, squirrels, dogs, cats, and the myriad of other animals in our woods. Are we to also do something about cutting their population? By Sherri Oakley
Deer overpopulation is a major contributor to the spread of tick-borne diseases
[Mar. 1, 2009] My greater concerns and interest lie in the issue of deer overpopulation. I read up on the issue and talk about it most anytime the subject relates to landscapes (can’t help myself). Deer overpopulation is a major contributor to the spread of ticks and tick-borne diseases, as well a major spreader of microstegium (bamboograss). Deer are devastating our natural areas and ornamental landscapes. By Matthew Arnsberger
Problems with the Domino's in PittsboroProblems with the Domino's in Pittsboro
[Feb. 26, 2009] Wondered if anybody had tried to use a gift card at the Pittsboro store? Mine wouldn't work. They said they have trouble with them. Also said maybe it hadn't been activated (I checked and it was properly activated). So why don't they get it fixed? By Pat Weisbrodt
Resistance against Chatham tax revaluations is futile
[Feb. 25, 2009] I was concerned when I got my tax reevaluation so I made a phone call. I recognized the lady on the phone and realized she must have had a number of people bitching at her to be as hateful as she sounded on the phone. By Mark Stinson
Commissioner George Lucier cries "wolf" about alleged threatsCommissioner George Lucier cries "wolf" about alleged threats
[Feb. 25, 2009] A story appeared on WRAL TV. The original headline was "Chatham officials threatened over immigration stance". It was changed the day after it initially appeared to "Possible threats against Chatham officials investigated" By Howard Clarke
Do not take the plague of tick-borne diseases lightlyDo not take the plague of tick-borne diseases lightly
[Feb. 24, 2009] I had Lyme's disease recently and found it to be one of the most pernicious and difficult experiences of my life. At first it was a flu, then it was a slow degradation of my energy level and I just thought I was getting slow, old a little over done. Next I felt sleepy all the time and there was a fog around my mind, almost like you had just woken up all the time, then the shakes and finally after all this time, I knew something was wrong. By Simon Lobdell

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