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My two cents, for what it's worthMy two cents, for what it's worth
[Feb. 1, 2009] For those of you who are unfamiliar with the western part of the county, we are steadily losing our industries. Our chicken plants have or are closing, Moore's Machine Shop relocated to Lee County, our textile plants have left, and the list goes on. These industries provided a steady revenue to Chatham County that we can no longer depend upon. By Rita Marley-McKenzie
Help others by recycling your prescription drugs
[Nov. 12, 2008] 2008 has been a horrible year for the Cooper family, but we learned some very valuable lessons. I want to share one of those lessons with the chatlisters. By Linda Cooper
Hogan supports Galin and Munn for Chatham School Board
[Oct. 15, 2008] In the school board non-partisan race, it seems to me that we have four very qualified and dedicated people, but I disagree with the Coalition's endorsements. I believe Gene Galin will be an excellent member of BoE. He knows Chatham well and obviously cares about improving both our general quality of life as well as our schools and our children's education or he wouldn't have dedicated 10 years of free time to the chatlist, the Bulletin Board, and the Chatham Journal. By Judy Hogan
Chatham has an exceptional citizen in Mark Stinson
[Oct. 3, 2008] First, let me introduce myself. Though I no longer reside in Chatham County, I was raised in Pittsboro and educated in the schools of Chatham County. The statistical methods used in the analysis of Mark's four (per his mother in a Chatlist post) lightening strikes were learned from Mrs Ethyl Johnston, the best algebra teacher ever to teach in the classrooms of Chatham County, or anywhere else. By Henry Blair Jr.
New Pittsboro McDonald's opens without earth shattering consequences
[Sep. 13, 2008] If you're reading this, then two events of earth shattering and life ending proportions have come to pass with nary a hair lost in their wakes of death and destruction. By Jeff Lane
Visit Chatham's cool places
[Aug. 27, 2008] I would like to echo the recent post about PC’s Cool Place. It is a great place for a meal or just ice cream. A good friend took me there recently and we had a great time. My son’s were treated like royalty. Any place that calls me darlin and takes care of my kids is on my list. Next time you are in Siler City, go check out this little gem. It is not that far off the path, just blocks from downtown. Tell them Darlin’ sent you. By Dan Cahoon
Bikers seek spot on Highway 64 for motorcycle awareness sign
[Aug. 25, 2008] If anyone owns property on Hwy 64 in Siler City and would allow us to place a yellow motorcycle awareness sign near the highway, please contact the Chatham County Concerned Bikers Association. By Vinny Neumann
PC’s Cool Place is a great place to eatPC’s Cool Place is a great place to eat
[Aug. 24, 2008] I wanted to let everyone know of a wonderful, family-owned restaurant in Siler City. PC’s Cool Place is everything that a restaurant should be: clean, good prices, good food and wonderful customer service.
Is Bynum a place for conservatives?
[Aug. 18, 2008] A recent post to the Chatham Chatlist asks if Bynum is a place for conservatives. Yes, and everyone else. By Jean Vollrath
UNC's Park and Rip off zone
[Jun. 26, 2008] I live in Chatham County and use the UNC Commuter Alternative Program (CAP). Earlier this spring a bunch of cars had their catalytic converters stolen at the Chatham Park & Ride lot. My truck's catalytic converter was almost completely cut off when someone apparently interrupted the thief and he fled. By Richard Silc
Sevin can be highy toxic to honey bees
[Jun. 26, 2008] Pesticides are intended to control pests. They can also kill indiscriminately. This is extremely true of Sevin dust. Sevin dust is highly toxic to honey bees. Sevin dust is one of the most toxic insecticides to the honey bee. By Alton Justice
Chatham County Together can help with the 504 process
[Jun. 25, 2008] Chatham County Together has a Family Advocate program that helps families navigate the IEP/504 process and helps to locate services for your child. Call them at (919)542-5155. By Rita Marley-McKenzie
Also: Chatham County Together
Chatham does not have a good plan for “504″ students
[Jun. 25, 2008] One of my children is disabled and as a result has difficulty with the current method of education at his school. I am a teacher and so well versed in the laws that protect individuals with disabilities (not to mention having a child with a disability). By Dan Cahoon
I am so messed up and frazzled these days
[Jun. 25, 2008] My life is falling apart and I need assistance from the community at large. After reading the recent “stolen dog” drama, I needed to put in my need for someone to “steal” my two bad dogs. They eat cats (which I need around to keep me sane) and chickens (I just like them and want a flock) and occasionally good friends (well one of them has bitten 5 of my good friends). By Dan Cahoon
Tick sticks help during tick season
[Jun. 25, 2008] Here's the tick stick story: While our home was being built, I used the Chatham Chatlist to ask people how to deal with the ticks. Getting guinea hens was the number one piece of advice, but someone emailed me about making "tick sticks." By Gloria Schrader

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