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What to consider if you plan to log and sell your timberWhat to consider if you plan to log and sell your timber
[Jun. 15, 2009] If you are thinking about logging your land and selling your timber, go quickly to the North Carolina Extension Office behind the court house. Or go to the North Carolina Extension website. Did not talk to the loggers directly unless you really know what you are doing By Dan McCarty
New school facility fee increase shortchanges our children
[Jun. 15, 2009] Tuesday night the Chatham County Board of Education will vote to adopt a new rental fee that will increase the gym rentals to non-profits to $50 per hour. County owned buildings, built with tax dollars, maintained with tax dollars and now we're basically going to lock the doors with this cost increase. By Meg Miller
Why are Chatham Schools mailing out Summer Sendoff brochures?
[Jun. 14, 2009] Does anyone know why Chatham County Schools mailed out Summer Sendoff brochures that were printed in Spanish? Why did I get one printed in a language I can't read? Was this brochure and the postage donated? I hope it didn't come out of the budget. I am sure I could call county offices and find out from "someone" but I really wanted to post this to see if I was the only one or if there were others. By Gina Bechtel-Hicks
"Plenty" of questions"Plenty" of questions
[Jun. 8, 2009] Those were the key words right there Matt Rudolf, "Finally, if you REALLY cannot offload them Plentys may be exchanged for dollars at Capital bank (for a 10% loss)" By Robin Luker
Chatham County needs to consider composting as part of a potential landfill solutionChatham County needs to consider composting as part of a potential landfill solution
[Jun. 5, 2009] I address this issue as the founder of the NC Compost Council and the largest producer of compost in the state at one time (1988-1993) and someone whose corporate efforts were directed toward recycling before it became popular. The proposed landfill meetings should consider incorporating composting into any landfill proposal. By Tom Glendinning
Pittsboro Plenty is to be steadfastly avoidedPittsboro Plenty is to be steadfastly avoided
[Jun. 2, 2009] Mr. Rudolf's post about Antonella's choosing to not accept the Pittsboro Plenty is sweetly intimidating. I'm not surprised Antonella doesn't accept the Plenty. I wouldn't either simply on principle were I not retired and still in business. By Brad Page
Acceptance of the Plenty is not indicative of a business's commitment to the local communityAcceptance of the Plenty is not indicative of a business's commitment to the local community
[Jun. 2, 2009] I was disturbed to read the criticism regarding Antonella's and the fact that at this time, they do not accept Plenty as currency. I do not know Antonella, or anyone who works for her, as far as I know. I do not know anything about that business at all, really, except by looking at the website just now. But I do know how extremely difficult it is to keep a small business open at any time, but especially now, when money is tight for everyone. Anything that jeopardizes, or potentially jeopardizes cash flow for even a few days can be fatal to a small business. By Maclyn Humphrey
Antonella, the Plenty and irresponsible MattAntonella, the Plenty and irresponsible Matt
[Jun. 2, 2009] The Plenty is indeed a interesting social experiment propagated by your employer and a group of businesses affiliated with your employer. A leap of faith must be taken by all involved as their is no guarantee of their stated value, including yourself. You agreed to accept the plenty in lieu of real money, Antonella does not. By Calvin Oxendine
Antonella's has gained another customerAntonella's has gained another customer
[Jun. 2, 2009] Antonella's gained another customer here. Amazing as it seems, I posted early on with just this in mind. I was chastised roundly and informed that no one would be pressured to accept the "Plenty", and that it was "backed" by Capitol Bank, which turned out to be untrue. By Rusty McIntosh
Antonella's needs to accept the Pittsboro Plenty, or elseAntonella's needs to accept the Pittsboro Plenty, or else
[Jun. 1, 2009] Although I agree that Antonella's Salon is an excellent salon, I am frustrated by their refusal to take the Plenty. Last weekend I got a haircut there and when I gave my tip in Plenties I was informed that they were not accepted there. By Matthew Rudolf
Central Carolina Community College throws up roadblocks to registration
[May 22, 2009] May I ask if anyone else has had problems with Central Carolina Community College. Three times, my daughter or I have tried to sign up for classes and three times it has been a not so pleasant experience. By Dedrah Earles
Hunter seeks permission to hunt coyotes on your landHunter seeks permission to hunt coyotes on your land
[May 14, 2009] There have been a lot of people posting about coyote sightings. As at least one person has mentioned, coyotes are very dangerous animals and if coyotes are in your area and you have small children, please do not leave the children alone outside. By Dalton Hamilton
A modest proposal to learn from our history
[May 14, 2009] The danger of not knowing history, including the history of your own neighborhood and county, are considerably greater than simply repeating history and its misfortunes. Posts about the latest controversy--liquor by the drink--reminded me of this fact and suggested a modest remedy. By Wallace Kaufman
Capital Bank is NOT backing Plenty! Who is?
[May 12, 2009] “Capital Bank was approached by a group asking if we could be a currency exchange,” Cecil Walter with Capital Bank said. Visit the Pittsboro Penty web site and you will see that Capital Bank is only offering exchange services. By Tom West
Without deer control there will be no vegetables to put on the table
[May 11, 2009] At the risk of being vilified by vegans and animal lovers, I support any efforts to reduce the deer population. Keep in mind that without deer control, there will be no vegetables to put on the table. I have lost two years of garden and talked to many who have given up on gardening. By Tom Glendinning

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