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Antonella's has gained another customerAntonella's has gained another customer
[Jun. 2, 2009] Antonella's gained another customer here. Amazing as it seems, I posted early on with just this in mind. I was chastised roundly and informed that no one would be pressured to accept the "Plenty", and that it was "backed" by Capitol Bank, which turned out to be untrue. By Rusty McIntosh
Antonella's needs to accept the Pittsboro Plenty, or elseAntonella's needs to accept the Pittsboro Plenty, or else
[Jun. 1, 2009] Although I agree that Antonella's Salon is an excellent salon, I am frustrated by their refusal to take the Plenty. Last weekend I got a haircut there and when I gave my tip in Plenties I was informed that they were not accepted there. By Matthew Rudolf
Central Carolina Community College throws up roadblocks to registration
[May 22, 2009] May I ask if anyone else has had problems with Central Carolina Community College. Three times, my daughter or I have tried to sign up for classes and three times it has been a not so pleasant experience. By Dedrah Earles
Hunter seeks permission to hunt coyotes on your landHunter seeks permission to hunt coyotes on your land
[May 14, 2009] There have been a lot of people posting about coyote sightings. As at least one person has mentioned, coyotes are very dangerous animals and if coyotes are in your area and you have small children, please do not leave the children alone outside. By Dalton Hamilton
A modest proposal to learn from our history
[May 14, 2009] The danger of not knowing history, including the history of your own neighborhood and county, are considerably greater than simply repeating history and its misfortunes. Posts about the latest controversy--liquor by the drink--reminded me of this fact and suggested a modest remedy. By Wallace Kaufman
Capital Bank is NOT backing Plenty! Who is?
[May 12, 2009] “Capital Bank was approached by a group asking if we could be a currency exchange,” Cecil Walter with Capital Bank said. Visit the Pittsboro Penty web site and you will see that Capital Bank is only offering exchange services. By Tom West
Without deer control there will be no vegetables to put on the table
[May 11, 2009] At the risk of being vilified by vegans and animal lovers, I support any efforts to reduce the deer population. Keep in mind that without deer control, there will be no vegetables to put on the table. I have lost two years of garden and talked to many who have given up on gardening. By Tom Glendinning
Thank you Chatham for making ClydeFEST magic yet again
[May 3, 2009] "You can go to any city in America and find arts creating vitality in every neighborhood. Arts and culture is the genesis of the revitalization of communities." --Tom Murphy, Mayor of Pittsburgh. Mayor Murphy's statement rang powerfully true last Saturday at the Chatham Arts Council's ClydeFEST in Bynum. By Molly Matlock
Examining property tax revaluations
[Apr. 2, 2009] I worked in the tax department for almost two years doing property appraisals during the 2000 revaluation. The procedures for appraisal are codified in the state statute, and, as you surmised, are based on values for sales occurring before the crash because few sales occurred afterwards. So, the comparable values (sales) are stuck at a higher level than sales might be if properties were actually sold at today's values. By Tom Glendinning
Also: County budget info
Let's bring the Pittsboro Teen Center back to life
[Mar. 30, 2009] I have the legal records and related non-profit paperwork from an entity that was set up a few years back called the Pittsboro Teen Center. I think it would not take much to bring it back to life, and this is why I saved all the files in good order. They live in one of those indestructible portable plastic files waiting for their next use. By Claire Kane
Let's have some sort of club for Horton students
[Mar. 27, 2009] I am a parent of a wonderful 13 year old who has aged out of any local after-school program and is too young to work. We live in such a rural area and I am finding myself unable to find a place for my son to go after school or spend the summer. I am aware of the fact that many of the Horton Middle School students frequently walk downtown after school to hang out at the local restaurants until their parents are able to pick them up after school. By Carol Thurber
Plants that deer do not eat
[Mar. 22, 2009] As a landscape designer and landscape contractor I have been maintaining a list of plants that 'deer do not eat' for the last ten years. Over the years I deleted many, many plants from the list as the pressure from deer browse has increased. Three identified instances of significant browsing and the plant get knocked off of my list. By Matthew Arnsberger
Profiling and illegal immigration in Chatham County
[Mar. 21, 2009] The issue of racial profiling has been raised as one reason why enforcing our laws against illegal immigration is not do-able. I think this is probably the strongest argument the pro-illegal group has going for them. There are real dangers of this occurring. We know that it happens from time to time against our own citizens in the enforcement of other laws--or even just the "possible" enforcement of other laws. By Brenda Denzler
There is so much energy and good will for a bus service between Pittsboro and Chapel Hill
[Mar. 19, 2009] Getting around in Chatham County without a car is difficult. With little employment to anchor Pittsboro residents to their home turf, folks scatter in all directions every morning to earn their daily bread. About 13% of the workforce at UNC and UNC Hospital travel the 15-501 corridor to reach Chapel Hill. By Tim Keim
More information about whitetail deer than you want to knowMore information about whitetail deer than you want to know
[Mar. 11, 2009] The image painted of deer hunters also is interesting though not too accurate. Surely there are examples of "trophy buck hunters" just as there are "meat hunters" but by far the majority of hunters across our state fall into a place I call deer hunting. We kill many more does than bucks, use the meat from our kills and share the venison with others who will use it. By Aaron Honeycutt

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