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Chatlist Chatters

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Verizon provides best wireless service in Chatham CountyVerizon provides best wireless service in Chatham County
[Jul. 17, 2010] My experiences with multiple providers has always lead me back to Verizon. They may lack the EyePhones, but they make up for it in coverage. I'm currently on a Blackberry Curve i picked up at our local Radio Shack. It's not a good idea. Not trying to bash the local Radio Shack but Sprint, the service they sell, is horrible in even downtown Pittsboro. By Evan Keiser
Chatham terminates bookmobile services
[Jul. 10, 2010] I have not seen any notices posted about the termination of Bookmobile services. I first got wind of this early in June, and saw in a flyer handed out at the Bookmobile on Wednesday, June 29, that June 30 would be its last day of service. By Jim Brooking
Shot of Spro will be looking for new homeShot of Spro will be looking for new home
[Jul. 5, 2010] For those of you that have been patiently waiting since November 2009 for us to vend at Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro starting this fall, it won't happen. Dr. Allen has now informed me that the vending contract doesn't come up for renewal until fall 2011. By Tina Meeks
Why are small businesses not welcome in Chatham County?Why are small businesses not welcome in Chatham County?
[Jun. 26, 2010] Recently, my studio/jewelry school was visited by the Chatham County Zoning Officer. When he arrived in my home driveway, he had in his hand, the printed out ad that I had placed recently on on-line. He told me that the zoning dept, monitors the local on-line lists for businesses offering services in Chatham County. One of these is of course, Craigslist. By Monnda Welch
Vive la Chatlist
[Jun. 20, 2010] Ah, the Chatham Chatlist. It's often an enigma both to those who give it but a passing glance, or those who hang on its every word. A source of information exchange it is, but, oh, so much more. Poking around the Chatlist is somewhat akin to that blindfolded fella feeling around an elephant. It leaves plenty of room for interpreting what it is that you are feeling at any given time (from adoration to abomination and everything in between). By Gary Simpson
Chatham County is a place to live and call homeChatham County is a place to live and call home
[Jun. 12, 2010] Chatham County is a place. A place where you can live. It can be a place where you were born, but it doesn't have to be. It can be a place to raise a family , make a living, or retire. It can also be a place where you can own a house or a piece of property. For all of these reasons, it can be a place to cherish, a place to call home. By Karen Crowell
Celebrate the dog days of summer with Yappy Hour at the Carolina Brewery
[May 18, 2010] Yappy Hour is a time for owners, their children and their canine kids to mix and mingle (and sniff) new people and their dogs. Enjoy a fun raising evening the third Mondays of the summer (June 21, July 19, and August 16) from 5 pm until 7 pm at Carolina Brewery & Grill in Pittsboro and help support Chatham Animal Rescue and Education's mission to promote the health and safety of all dogs and cats in Chatham County. By Karen Sirls
Tell the Chatham Health Department about your tick problemsTell the Chatham Health Department about your tick problems
[May 9, 2010] If you have had any trouble with ticks, even if you have not gotten sick, just pestered with bites (which is a risk of disease) please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below. Get all your family and friends to do it too. We have a lot of people sick from tick-borne infections here in this county. We need to enhance public health prevention efforts and medical providers knowledge. By Marcia Herman
Congratulations should go to all Chatham Chatlist membersCongratulations should go to all Chatham Chatlist members
[May 2, 2010] I'd like to point out that at least equal, if not more, congratulations should go to all of us for this. Gene Galin does an amazing job maintaining this mess (and what a great mess it is) and certainly deserves heaps of praise for running, maintaining and providing this online town hall, or market square, or bar room, or however you view it. By Jeff Lane
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Dangerous crosswalk across from Chatham Marketplace
[Mar. 27, 2010] Does anyone else out there notice that cars simply do not stop for the crosswalk across from the Chatham Marketplace? It's a state law to yield to pedestrians at a crosswalk and I believe that most motorists are aware of this, however I don't think our crosswalk is marked sufficiently enough to get drivers attention. By Adam Brinson
Chatham school board has a tough job this yearChatham school board has a tough job this year
[Mar. 13, 2010] Reading the list of cuts the Chatham County Board of Education will have to make this year is tough. Please remember it's tougher for them. We have all had to make changes to our lifestyles and do without, some more than others and that is not different with Chatham County schools. Jobs will be lost and that's a hard choice these board members will make. By Meg Miller
Chatham tax survey was unscientificChatham tax survey was unscientific
[Mar. 12, 2010] I too felt the Chatham tax survey was unscientific with its pre-question "narrative" post on the chatlist and leading questions. It would have been much improved with a neutral party creating the questions in an un-biased way. There really was no way to quantify the data collected. By Rita Marley-McKenzie
Surveys like the Chatham tax survey help keep those that care informedSurveys like the Chatham tax survey help keep those that care informed
[Mar. 7, 2010] My opinion is that Tom is being unfairly criticized for posting the survey. Tom has been a wealth of knowledge and information for the chatlist. I admire him. I think he is well within his right to post the survey. And as I would suspect, there will be those out there that wish taxpayers wouldn't pay attention to what our elected officials are doing with our money. By Steve Candelori
Survey of Chatham taxpayers is one-sidedSurvey of Chatham taxpayers is one-sided
[Mar. 6, 2010] While I applaud anyone who asks for accountability in government, I have to comment on Tom Glendinning's survey. I took the survey, and found it to be very one sided, especially the last question. An unbiased survey would have included more boxes for "need more information". By Janet Place
I appreciate the effort behind the Chatham taxpayer survey
[Mar. 6, 2010] I greatly appreciate the effort behind the survey, though I did find some of the yes/no type questions at the end rather difficult to answer mainly because the issue presented is much more complex than just a yes/no reply. By Michael E. Burke

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