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The private sector will not lead us out of the recessionThe private sector will not lead us out of the recession
[Sep. 7, 2010] Candidate Brian Bock states on his web site that we must accept two basic truths to job creation then apply common sense. Basic truth #1: The private sector, not government, will lead us out of recession. By Karen Crowell
Chatham Coalition can’t stand a honest debateChatham Coalition can’t stand a honest debate
[Aug. 29, 2010] I am glad to see that Bunkey’s opposition respects the first amendment so vigorously. When the Chatham Coalition rants and floods the chatlist, media, blogs, surveys and polls everything is fine. Another point of view and the debate becomes limited to approved dictums. By Tom Glendinning
Chatham County liberals call for opponents to be bannedChatham County liberals call for opponents to be banned
[Aug. 29, 2010] It’s funny! When certain people express their opinions, there is immediately a call for them to be banned. Yet, when other people rant and rave like lunatics, no one says a word! By Nancy Dail
Hypocritical Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities group promotes the Major Corridor Ordinance while opposing US 64 plansHypocritical Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities group promotes the Major Corridor Ordinance while opposing US 64 plans
[Aug. 22, 2010] For anyone that’s interested in the US 64 proposal I strongly recommend going to the NC DOT website to view all the details about the plan, not just the talking points that Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities (CCEC) and our current Board of Commissioners have been promoting lately. I was very disappointed to see that CCEC did not list the North Carolina Department of Transportation web site in their links for more information although it was mentioned in one of their bulletins at least. By Donna Kelly
Pittsboro's City Tap noise not music to all earsPittsboro's City Tap noise not music to all ears
[Aug. 22, 2010] Last month two articles have appeared in The Chatham Record newspaper regarding complaints that “music” being played at Pittsboro’s City Tap Bar and Restaurant is too loud. Local residents complained to Pittsboro city fathers to do something about it. Well, lots of luck local residents. History of such situations has you on the losing end. Walnut Creek Raleigh, Shakori Hills, Sports Arena - they are still going strong and still making life miserable for residents unfortunate enough to be living near by. By Ollie Waddell
North Carolina DOT considers Superstreet concept for US 64North Carolina DOT considers Superstreet concept for US 64
[Aug. 22, 2010] The DOT presentation on the Superstreet concept to the planning board was complete. The timeline is twenty to thirty years for implementation of Superstreet, with long range option to change to a limited access highway, like US 421 to Greensboro. A necessary and needed improvement. The NCDOT has always been proactive in soliciting public input. Thorough traffic counts are done continuously. For the Pittsboro by-pass project, meetings were held years in advance. One of our former commissioners sat on the highway project board at DOT. What a great highway and relief for Pittsboro traffic it has been. Newcomers do not realize that around half the traffic during weekdays and nights was heavy trucks negotiating the circle, limited to traveling through Pittsboro. By Tom Glendinning
Perhaps the NC Department of Transportation just sees Chatham as a bump in the roadPerhaps the NC Department of Transportation just sees Chatham as a bump in the road
[Aug. 21, 2010] I live in Chatham and work in Cary so this Route 64 Interstate project will affect me superficially for my commute. However, it affects me most deeply in what could be lost for Chatham County. This will affect you too. How will EMT/Fire gain access to your house quickly? Where will travelers spend money in Chatham County if they can't easily pull into your business? How it will impact Jordan Lake, your drinking water and the wildlife? By Ann Jones
Maybe the Chatham school board should have considered the timing of the AP examsMaybe the Chatham school board should have considered the timing of the AP exams
[Aug. 8, 2010] The school administration presented a draft calendar at the January 11 board meeting. I think the board should have considered the timing of the AP exams more - there was a little discussion, but the board unanimously decided to go with this calendar because the administration recommended it and the plurality of survey respondents chose it. (That detail isn't in the minutes, but I was at the meeting and remember the discussion.) As the mother of sons who took many AP exams, I understand that this is a bad idea - I would have moved spring break a week earlier. By Mia Munn
Chatham County's talking bread machine
[Aug. 8, 2010] I read with geat interest the post regarding another talking bread making machine in Chatham county. I also have a bread maker that has always seemed to be saying something too. My machine seems to say "Whose Gonna Win?" Whose Gonna Win?" It sometimes almost drives me insane. But my machine has never changed and said anything different. By Ollie Waddell
Cell phone service quality varies in Chatham CountyCell phone service quality varies in Chatham County
[Aug. 8, 2010] Evan Keiser's post about how excellent Verizon works for him is a reminder that there is no one general answer for which cell phone service is best. Chatham is a big county with lots of different dead spots and coverage areas for all the different carriers. What one person thinks is great may not be great for someone else depending on where you use it. By Mike Fox
My little scoop and the talking bread machine
[Aug. 8, 2010] When I moved to Chatham County, I brought my bread machine. I have taken a class in writing. The instructor said it is important to keep one's thoughts in a paragraph. And to pack as much information into a paragraph as possible. And indent. I was only able to attend one class but feel I gotten the gist of it. By Dawn Pragon
Do Chatham County officials operate in the shadows?
[Aug. 7, 2010] So, Chatham County's "leadership" is being pragmatic when they decide that the Sheriff's department personnel should not spend their time enforcing the law (ICE), to give them the time to arrest those who "break" the law (burglars, drug dealers, etc.), when they are reported by those who are living here against the law (illegal immigrants.) By Linda Bienvenue
Chatham County officials side with lawbreakers
[Aug. 7, 2010] I found a list of “sanctuary cities” in the US – those in which the chief of police or the city council forbids the police to ask about the immigration status of anyone who is detained for some other offense. The list includes Chatham County, as well as Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Durham, Raleigh and Winston-Salem. By Ed Williams
Spring break schedule shortchanges Advance Placement students
[Jul. 22, 2010] Wow. That is surprising and very disappointing news concerning the placement of spring break right before AP exams. Almost as surprising as the scheduling Northwood did which puts all but one of the AP exams in the spring. I understand the thought behind this, to teach the course closer to the testing time but it overloads students who are taking more than two AP classes (my daughter will now have to drop AP Stat). Also the class time in the spring is shortened because of the test schedule. By Meg Miller
Chatham Board of Education sabotages studentsChatham Board of Education sabotages students
[Jul. 18, 2010] It’s hard to believe that community leaders elected and appointed to promote educational excellence would sabotage the students they’re supposed to serve, but that’s precisely what Chatham County school officials and the Board of Education have done. By William "Chip" Pate

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