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Credit card theft in Chatham County?Credit card theft in Chatham County?
[Jan. 6, 2011] Sunday, to my shock, I looked at my bank account online and discovered there were at least five hundred dollars worth of goods charged to my debit card that I had not bought nor authorized. Most of the buying was done in England as far as I could tell. I have been able to trace one $280 purchase to a London store. Other purchases were made for golf clubs, iTunes and porn internet sites. By A.L. Gums
Chatham County should not be in the business of importing trashChatham County should not be in the business of importing trash
[Jan. 5, 2011] I would like to add some comments regarding the outrageous possibility that our county would become a site for a Regional landfill. Of all the business opportunities to attract, I find it appalling we could be in the business of importing trash. By Stephanie Talbott
Chatham Chatlist is a wonderful resource for locating lost dogsChatham Chatlist is a wonderful resource for locating lost dogs
[Nov. 26, 2010] The reality of life is that dogs do get lost and the Chatham Chatlist is a wonderful resource for locating those dogs. I have found four dogs where I work over the past two years and have reunited them with their owners because of the connection on the chatlist. By Teresa Flora
What is the owful odor at the new library?What is the owful odor at the new library?
[Nov. 7, 2010] Does anyone know what the awful smell is at the new library? I have asked a clerk, but she didn't know. It seems to be getting worse, and after visiting the library yesterday, I fought a headache until the evening. finally got rid of it, and sat down and opened my library book, only to get assaulted by the odor yet again. Apparently the odor has permeated the books. By Deborah Bair
Lost dogs, collars and micro-chipsLost dogs, collars and micro-chips
[Nov. 7, 2010] Several years ago, my husband and I found a wonderful dog in a "kill shelter" up in Virginia. After he cleaned up and was behaving properly, we took him to our vet. The first thing the vet did was take a scanner and scanned our "new" dog for a micro-chip to ascertain if he had belonged to someone who had loved him. No chip was found. He did not have one. By Leela Ellis
Honey, I bought a $50,000 BMW and saved money by not buying a $100,000 Porsche
[Nov. 2, 2010] George Lucier claims that he has reduced the county budget every year while in office. However, our county spending has increased at six times the rate of our population growth. How is that possible? By Tom West
Tax cut challenge for Chatham County
[Nov. 2, 2010] The tax cut issue in Chatham County, NC will come, whether it is planned or not. The strategic responsibility will be to balance the drop in real estate values in two years with the demands of financing the borrowed amounts from the last three years. By Tom Glendinning
Chatham County commissioners can not obey their own rules
[Nov. 2, 2010] I found it amazing that our current county commissioners led by Mr. Lucier would enact an ordinance requiring County employee(s) to spend their time going around enforcing a state law regarding campaign signs encroaching on state property. By Linda Bienvenue
Bad behavior is not limited to those on two wheelsBad behavior is not limited to those on two wheels
[Oct. 24, 2010] I think you'll find it's rather difficult to legislate or enforce good behavior or common sense. You are absolutely right that she should have stopped at the stop sign. However, you should also never assume that the other vehicle is going to follow the rules. By Reid Guthrie
Thanks to Angelina's Kitchen and Our Neighborhood SchoolThanks to Angelina's Kitchen and Our Neighborhood School
[Oct. 23, 2010] Moncure School had the pleasure of hosting the annual PTA Thrift Store meeting on Sept. 28. This meeting is very significant to our schools as this is when the Thrift Store checks are announced among other items of business. By Lora Witcher
I love to ride my bicycle, but won't risk it on busy roadsI love to ride my bicycle, but won't risk it on busy roads
[Oct. 20, 2010] I love to ride my bicycle, but won't risk it on busy roads. Whaaaaaccccckkkkkk! And your life is changed forever. Not just the person on the bicycle, but also the driver of the vehicle. Both are victims. It would be horrible going through the rest of your life knowing that "if I had just...." that person would still be OK. By Robert Sprenger
Safe bicycle riding in Chatham CountySafe bicycle riding in Chatham County
[Oct. 19, 2010] I was on Hamlet Chapel Road a few months ago driving along at about 50 mph (speed limit is 55 mph) when I happened to notice what appeared to be a female "serious" bicycle rider on a side street. She was wearing the right clothes, helmet, had a bike, etc. Expecting her to stop at the stop sign, which is a basic traffic control device, I did not think much of it. Imagine my surprise when she did not even slow down but just ran the stop sign, pulling directly in front of me without even looking! By Amy W. Osborne more
[Oct. 4, 2010] Will the Chatham Coalition please just go away? You are fueling the fire of extremism with your own extreme statements. Jan, John and whoever else "claim" to speak for Chatham, find another venue to HELP because you are killing the cause of those you claim to want to get re-elected. By Meg Miller
Chatham Coalition's vice-chairman John Hammond is flat out lyingChatham Coalition's vice-chairman John Hammond is flat out lying
[Sep. 26, 2010] I do not like to dignify mud by responding, but since Mr. John Hammond is flat out lying I want to set just a couple of things straight. I am a volunteer for the Brian Bock, Pamela Stewart and Walter Petty campaigns. Why would a campaign attack the volunteers for candidates? It seems to be an attempt to intimidate individuals from participating. Mr Hammond why don't you just tell us why you support your candidates instead of drawing these crazy, outlandish tangles webs of national politics tied to our local county candidates and their volunteers? By Heather Johnson
It's time to bring county regulations into balance with actual needsIt's time to bring county regulations into balance with actual needs
[Sep. 7, 2010] The first step to solving any problem is correctly diagnosing it. In Karen Crowell's recent post regarding Brian Bock's candidacy she displayed a serious misunderstanding of the facts. She claims it was the private sector that was responsible for creating our current economic problems while completely ignoring the role of government. Without going into great detail, since it's so easy to find the facts, it was the government's well-intentioned but overzealous push to increase homeownership that was the main cause of our financial problems. By Donna Kelly

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