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Do your research before purchasing an underground electric dog fence
[Jul. 26, 2011] I've had a couple of underground electric dog fences for our dogs at different houses. They do work and can at times work very well. However, it is just as true that sometimes they don't work well. Your type of dog(s), their size, the fence wire, the location of the wire, the type of terrain, the dog collar, and how you train your dogs are all part of "the system." It's not just putting a wire in the ground and a shock collar on your dog. Allow me to share a few ideas below. By John Oberlin
Research underground dog fences before buyingResearch underground dog fences before buying
[Jul. 20, 2011] Good idea to do your research first. Electronic dog fences are not a physical barrier, they are a training and reinforcement tool. The initial training is all-important, and long-term, consistent reinforcement is essential. Also, your dogs will not be protected from the outside -- other animals or people can still cross into your yard and threaten your dogs' safety. Electronic fences depend on gadgets and gadgets are prone to occasional failure (not to mention human error). Personally, I do not leave my dog outside protected only by an electronic fence unless I am at home. That said, electronic fences perform very well within certain constraints. By Jackie Strouble
Where to find old Chatham county newspapersWhere to find old Chatham county newspapers
[Jul. 16, 2011] For those who would also like to know where to find old county newspapers the Chatham Community Library in Pittsboro has microfilmed issues of the Chatham Record dating back to 1879 (with some gaps). By Dana Haven
Have you encountered a man selling books door to door?Have you encountered a man selling books door to door?
[Jul. 15, 2011] A young man came to my home yesterday while my oldest son was home alone. My son didn't go to the door but he did manage to get the make and color of the car. This man came again before lunch yesterday. He came up my driveway driving at least 30 mph, ran to the door, banged on it, all the while talking to himself, shaking, and dancing around. I am a stay at home mom and I never open the door for anyone while I am home with children alone. By Heather Tripp Leggett
Thanks to the Chatham community for supporting college bound studentsThanks to the Chatham community for supporting college bound students
[Jul. 13, 2011] I have gotten some emails about my scholarship post. These local scholarships are almost exclusively for rising high school seniors. I sent out the note to the chatlist because I did not think the word was getting out in the schools. There is so much to think about when your kids get to be close to college and I am not sure people realize just how much money is out there to be had with a little bit of work. By Meg Miller
I am not well-behaved enough to keep my opinions to myselfI am not well-behaved enough to keep my opinions to myself
[Jul. 1, 2011] Pistole made comments on the Chatham Chatlist about the recent Chatham County board of commissioners decision to cancel any further discussion of the budget By Karen E Crowell
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Chatham County Utilities send out a glossy flyerChatham County Utilities send out a glossy flyer
[Jul. 1, 2011] Recently I received a Water Quality Report from Chatham County Utilities printed on 11x17, glossy paper, in full color. I suspect this cost a minium of $1.60 per copy to print plus postage. In my view, this is an unnecssary, very costly way to communicate water quality filled with a lot of technical information that has little meaning to me as a consumer. By Mary Alexion
Comparative political systemsComparative political systems
[Jun. 30, 2011] In this dialogue about "lefties" and "righties," I will interject some discrimination of political systems. Since these terms are used "liberally," I feel that this short piece is appropriate, though not seemingly Chathamcentric in its scope. It does pertain to the political discussions of the last sixteen months. I hope that the scope is acceptable for the Chatlist. Chatham County once could have been considered a pseudo-democracy. By Tom Glendinning
Jeffrey Starkweather is fibbing once againJeffrey Starkweather is fibbing once again
[Jun. 30, 2011] You can pretty much discount Jeffrey Starkweather's last Chatham Chatlist post about conservatives. He throws away any level of authenticity and authority by making one simple statement: "I do not believe party and ideological labels are relevant" By Tom West
Deus in machina – a construct of self determinationDeus in machina – a construct of self determination
[Jun. 29, 2011] I truly appreciate the thought process of Randy Voller in his latest post. Drawing criticism, as he does, and support form his father, he employs a broad philosophical analysis to frame political discussion. I love references to classics and the founding democratic governments. I will not criticize the point of providing services, but rather the use of the terms “deus in machina” and the “ghost in the machine By Tom Glendinning
Taking care of the environment is no longer a fringe issueTaking care of the environment is no longer a fringe issue
[Jun. 29, 2011] In Chatham Chatlist #4070, Dan Marley asked, “Does anyone think that these groups: Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities, the Deep River Clean Water Society, the Haw River Assembly, the Friends of the Rocky River and the Sierra Club Orange-Chatham Group … are concerned about the ability of the County to attract high paying industries?”
Our tough luck experiences with CenturyLinkOur tough luck experiences with CenturyLink
[Jun. 29, 2011] We complained to CenturyLink that the bill comes five days before it is due. They told us "tough", pay it and pay it on time. We have constantly complained that they will not provide DSL service to our area of several subdivisions and private homes and over 100 potential customers, but they say "tough", they have to think of their bottom line, not the fact that they are not even providing us with 20th century technology in the 21st century. By Marsha Derynck
[Jun. 28, 2011] It is cute, when a father defends his young child that has done wrong. By Wilma Yanaria
How to safely relocate copperheads and other snakesHow to safely relocate copperheads and other snakes
[Jun. 28, 2011] I have moved several copperheads out of my garden this way. I hope this information will prove to be helpful. By Toni Constant
Opponents of Chatham County policy changes try intimidationOpponents of Chatham County policy changes try intimidation
[Jun. 24, 2011] I want to express my support for the work the Chatham board of commissioners has been doing this year. I’ve been following the BOC closely for the last two years with a lot of time spent reading minutes and reports going back many years beyond that. I started following the board because I was concerned about some of their decisions. I feel much more confident with the direction the new board majority is taking Chatham County than what I’ve seen in the past. I appreciate the extra attention to results rather than appearance. By Donna Kelly

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