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"Removing all humans" is a radical solution to pollution"Removing all humans" is a radical solution to pollution
[Oct. 12, 2011] This is a learned response to Mr. Mayo in the Chatham Chatlist edition # 4141. I am a composting expert, having founded the industry in North Carolina ca. 1974. Biosolids are sludges, by another name. What you mean is the waste product of municipal wastewater treatment plants. The recent term was invented sometime in the last few decades. I don't recognize Mr. Jenkins name, but I am sure that he is a fine fellow. By Tom Glendinning
Twas the morning still early...Twas the morning still early...
[Oct. 11, 2011] Twas the morning still early, when I left the house. All the critters was fed up, perhaps even the mouse. The buckets were hung in the barn with care, In hopes at evening chores they would again be there. By Virginia Mary Jacks
Chatham County temporary sign ordinance exception
[Oct. 11, 2011] I sent the e-mail below on the afternoon of October 3. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this topic (especially business owners). I know this has been discussed before in great detail, but needs to be discussed again since this is an election year. With Chatham County stressing the importance of being business-friendly, this type of ordinance is what greatly impacts a businesses success. By Tina Meeks
The Pittsboro General Store Cafe could be a landmark that would bring visitors into townThe Pittsboro General Store Cafe could be a landmark that would bring visitors into town
[Oct. 10, 2011] Rich and I were devoted patrons of the General Store Cafe for a lot of years. Beginning back in the days when it actually was a general store, and Doug Lorie made the best burritos in the state, there wasn't a nicer place to eat. We have tried to maintain that loyalty but it has become impossible. As a realtor, I always used to plan a stop at the GSC with out of town clients, but now I take them elsewhere. The last few times I've brought clients there the food has been mediocre and the experience less than positive. By Lynn Hayes
Pittsboro needs to become a business friendly townPittsboro needs to become a business friendly town
[Oct. 6, 2011] Several posts have been made to the Chatham Chatlist regarding local businesses that are surviving or have not survived in Chatham County. The majority of these business lie within the limits of the Town of Pittsboro. There really is no way to say this, but to be perfectly blunt; Pittsboro is not a business friendly town. By Linda Bienvenue
Peter Theye's childish behaviour does not support his plea for civilityPeter Theye's childish behaviour does not support his plea for civility
[Oct. 3, 2011] I wanted to take this opportunity to address Peter Theye's call for more manners at the Chatham County board of commissioners' meetings. I agree with Mr. Theye that more civility is needed, but do question the source for such a call to action. Mr. Theye, your comments should have been given not to the board of commissioners, but rather to a mirror, as you are the one who needs a lesson in manners. By David Morris
Wanting to add jobs in Chatham County and opposing an internet cafe in PittsboroWanting to add jobs in Chatham County and opposing an internet cafe in Pittsboro
[Oct. 3, 2011] The phrase "internet cafe" does not always mean online gambling. A Google search also turns up coffee shops and salons much like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels frequented while they cooked up their unique views who should rule the economy, individuals, and "the community at-large". Such references aways begin faked rage; but let me continue my point. By Michael Tucker
There are examples of "brilliance" right here in Chatham CountyThere are examples of "brilliance" right here in Chatham County
[Oct. 3, 2011] Thanks Robin for the generous post regarding the "Twas the Morning" poem. Female Rangers rock! I may be good at expressing in poetry, however, I could not even spell Mr. John Dykers name correctly in my post to him earlier. Forgive me. So you see I am not so brilliant. Who I do consider brilliant are folks like the Edwards family who have housed more than 40 foster children in Chatham County and even adopted one special needs boy. By Mary Jacks
The difference between biosolids and sludgeThe difference between biosolids and sludge
[Sep. 22, 2011] I whole-heartedly agree with Tom Glendinning's statement that the use of "biosolids," commonly known as poop, is a cornerstone of sound organic agriculture. Sludge is another story. Though heavily regulated, the use of sludge has been shown to have toxic effects on the ecosystem when used as fertilizer. By Andrew Mayo
What good is a poultry plant in Chatham County? We're finding out.What good is a poultry plant in Chatham County? We're finding out.
[Sep. 22, 2011] It's my understanding that the water bill increase is due to the Townsend shut down. Townsend was the main consumer of Pittsboro water and, thus, the cash cow which kept water rates low. As I remember, it used over half of the water capacity. By Tom Glendinning
Chatham County Schools keep a file on youChatham County Schools keep a file on you
[Sep. 22, 2011] Hopefully the subject line caught your attention as I didn’t quite know how to title this post. Chatham County Schools now requires a criminal background check for field trip chaperones. I completely understand the need for these checks. I am not questioning the need to perform these checks. I am questioning the process by which the checks are conducted. By Joe Gerstner
The signature spider in my sunroomThe signature spider in my sunroom
[Sep. 22, 2011] Early last summer I noticed one of these in our sunroom, up in the corner just barely out of the way. She was so big I checked the doors - no way did I want that in my house; spiders send me down the road. I could see the web she made new every morning from my desk, and every day that she stayed there we became little better acquainted. By Nabooko
An internet casino right here in the Pittsboro Circle?An internet casino right here in the Pittsboro Circle?
[Sep. 19, 2011] There is a new business preparing to open it's doors on the main drag in Pittsboro. It will be located accross from the courthouse and administrative building and is nestled between the General Store Cafe and True North Crossfit. It was once the business office for Emergency Apparatus. Following a little remodeling this business plans to sell jewelry, tobacco, tobacco related products, and also plans to operate as an internet cafe (aka internet gambling "parlor"). This is the plan as laid out by the owner in a meeting with several community members and business owners. By Adam Feher
Background checks for Chatham school system volunteersBackground checks for Chatham school system volunteers
[Sep. 19, 2011] Having worked in a daycare center, I was required to go to the Clerk of Court's office and get my own background check for a minimal cost. I sent school superintendent Robert Logan the following email and I am posting his response. By Ruby Hart
Why the extreme proposal to remove all humans from the ecosystem?Why the extreme proposal to remove all humans from the ecosystem?
[Sep. 15, 2011] I would like to thank Ms. Dotson for her comments. I appreciate the opportunity to review federal, state and local publications, water quality reports, and regulations. Such comments inspire my curiosity and drive for research. The following is organized per your Chatlist response and per Alderman's report. My sources are state documents, Wildlife Resources Commission "Wildlife Action Plan," and monitoring reports. By Tom Glendinning

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