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Living with coyotesLiving with coyotes
[Nov. 10, 2011] I have read recent posts about coyotes and thought I'd share what I learned from living with them for several years in rural Colorado. First of all, they are one of the most misunderstood mammals in North America. They are very shy and rarely attack people. You are much more likely to be bitten by a domesticated dog. They will go to great pains to a avoid you (unless a human feeds them). By Bett Wilson Foley
Also: Project Coyote
Also: Facinating Coyotes
How I got satisfaction with CenturyLink's DSL serviceHow I got satisfaction with CenturyLink's DSL service
[Nov. 10, 2011] This regards Tom Glendinning's October 25 note about Embarq - which is now CenturyLink. I had similar problem for several weeks recently, but it was mainly with DSL going out. The tech support folks that you call are human robots that read from a script - you will not get any resolution from them. The tech support management is clueless and apparently doesn't care. By Dave Cohen
Yes, you can extreme coupon right here in Chatham CountyYes, you can extreme coupon right here in Chatham County
[Nov. 10, 2011] Yes, you can extreme coupon here. I've done it in another county and am gearing up to save here. There are a couple of tips in order to do it, the main one being you have to be willing to let go of being brand-specific. There are some things I continue to be brand-specific for, and I tend to buy a lot locally here, but at the grocery store you can save an average of 20% to 70% off your bill. By Charlotte Adams
Under Randolph Voller Pittsboro gets a Grade "D" for open government
[Nov. 7, 2011] The Town of Pittsboro recently received a grade of D from for its overall effort to provide online public access to key financial and employee benefit records. By Tom West
Thanks for the Halloween decorations
[Nov. 4, 2011] We were happy to move into our place in time to have a few years of the pumpkins on Chicken Bridge before they built the new bridge and tore down the old one in the 80's. It is fun to see at least a few still put up there each year. By Robin Hill
Jeffrey Starkweather steals opportunities for the voices of Chatham citizens to be heard
[Nov. 4, 2011] I am writing you today to comment on the subject of decorum and behavior at board of commissioners' meetings, and to bring to your attention something I believe to be important when you head to the polls in 2012. Mr. Starkweather chooses to use commissioner meetings as a chance to grandstand for a rumored run for the board. By David Morris
Gas drilling in Lee County uses little waterGas drilling in Lee County uses little water
[Nov. 4, 2011] Several gas wells in Lee County have been fracked with nitrogen. Relatively little water was used. In larger ongoing projects such as the Marcellus shale fracks in the northeast that use slickwater fracking, the overall water consumption has been lower than many observers feared. By David Betts
Temporary sign ordinance exception is now closed
[Nov. 2, 2011] We want to apologize to the handful of Pittsboro businesses that will have their off-premise directional signs enforced and asked to be removed in the next few days. We only addressed our concerns to the town board over the removal of our directional signs because we put them there at the request of our customers because it isn't easy finding us and because we knew you had directional signs too. Many have been up for months or years. We knew to keep them small, have them professionally made, pick them up and put them out everyday, keep the frames neat, etc. but we were wrong. No commercial off-premise directional sign is permitted anywhere in the Pittsboro town limits. These ordinances are now going to be enforced equally for all. By Tina Meeks
I am very impressed that Pittsboro General store Cafe went the extra stepI am very impressed that Pittsboro General store Cafe went the extra step
[Oct. 26, 2011] I would like everyone to know that, after reporting the service problems we had encountered (and yes, to the person who said all of us were complaining in the wrong arena, I did say something to the hostess), we were contacted directly by a person involved with Pittsboro General Store Cafe, and they were very forthcoming. They wanted a realistic presentation of the problems we experienced, and stated what the General Store Cafe is doing to address problems mentioned. By Deborah Bair
Working within the Pittsboro sign ordinances
[Oct. 18, 2011] As of today, Monday, October 17, after a personal visit, the Town of Pittsboro Planning Office is going to work with us on our directional signs. We're only allowed to put out one at a time so we'll be swapping between 15-501 and 64. By Tina Meeks
My take on the Pittsboro General Store CafeMy take on the Pittsboro General Store Cafe
[Oct. 18, 2011] My family are long-time customers of the Pittsboro General Store Cafe. Yes sometimes the service is slower than we might like, but consider that the management needs to schedule the wait staff based on an unknown number of customers. In order to keep the General Store Cafe as profitable as possible, then they cannot afford to have wait staff just standing around. By Lee Pollard
Shagging at the Pittsboro General StoreShagging at the Pittsboro General Store
[Oct. 16, 2011] It is sad to read all these negative and probably true comments about the Pittsboro General Store Cafe. I’m past president of the Chatham Area Shag Association and we’ve had our monthly meetings there since 2009. By Pat Johnson
It might be wise to support local new businesses by giving them personal and direct feedbackIt might be wise to support local new businesses by giving them personal and direct feedback
[Oct. 13, 2011] It saddens me to read so much criticism about the Pittsboro General Store Cafe, along with criticisms toward the new restaurants in town. I regularly eat at the Pittsboro General Store Cafe and I have been treated well. I am satisfied with the food, and I enjoy the ambiance of the place. It is a casual place to hang out, listen to music, be on the Internet, and read the paper. I can stay as long as I want. By Stephanie Talbott
Saving downtown PittsboroSaving downtown Pittsboro
[Oct. 13, 2011] I have lived in Pittsboro for less than a year and don’t pretend to understand all of the problems that are resulting in complaints about and closings of local downtown businesses. We’ve established that some people have had unpleasant experiences in local restaurants. We know that downtown merchants are struggling in this economy. At least two businesses have announced closings in the past few weeks. Attractive buildings, new and old, that should be bustling with customers, stand empty. In the center of our town, our historic courthouse stands, still fenced and window-boarded, a mute witness to this sorrow. By Melissa Delbridge
Chatham County hits fifth on pollution list under Chatham Coalition regimeChatham County hits fifth on pollution list under Chatham Coalition regime
[Oct. 12, 2011] The Chatham Coalition Commissioners who preached about a green environment apparently failed miserably. Under the leadership of Tom Vanderbeck, George Lucier, Sally Kost and all, Chatham landed up being the 5th most polluted county in the state of North Carolina. By Tom West

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