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An inconvenient legacy -- We can choose to do better on Nov. 7th

By J. Kenneth Boggs
Posted Wednesday, November 1, 2006

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Pittsboro, NC - An Inconvenient Legacy: It is quite amazing what Morgan Inc, our ruling troika, has wrought over the past four years and which they are even now working to foist upon us. Yet we have choices we can make Nov. 7th. Note what we choose to vote matters. Those who would tell you that your vote doesn't matter will be the first ones to complain about the results.

Here are some aspect of the Morgan Inc legacy we can choose to change. For one, I will.

1. A Self-defeating West Chatham -- Approval of unfettered residential growth by Morgan Inc has put West Chatham into a minority position. Curiously, many in West Chatham still embrace Morgan Inc and their unfettered growth even though this continues to be a self-defeating approach.

2. District Isolation A Disaster -- It is also curious that some in West Chatham favor voting by district when this approach cuts off any cooperation by those of like mind in other districts. The only way for West Chatham to have a major future voice is to Vote No on District voting. Isolation of West Chatham is a disaster for that area.

3. Major Tax Increases Programmed into Our Future -- As Morgan Inc is ending its authoritarian rule, major expenses have been approved that come due after they leave office. Will West Chatham remember this when the bills come due? Worse, will any but the richest be able to afford the increasing tax load caused by Morgan Inc.

4. Real Estate Values Going Up, Fast -- Now is a great time for those who want to leave Chatham because our land values have gone up rapidly due to Morgan Inc. However, this is not such a good time for those of us who want to stay in Chatham. Increased real estate values mean higher taxes. This is not good for any of us but is especially awful for those of us on fixed incomes.

5. Divide And Conquer Using Lies, Rumors, and Misinformation -- Open and honest discussions that confront our shared challenges has long been undermined by Morgan Inc. So called "Public Hearings" are a legal requirement but also a sham since the decisions of the Board of Commissioners are known well before hand. Pitting West Chatham against East and North Chatham serves some interests but not those of the county. Fence mending is urgently needed by West Chatham before the rest of the county just writes them off.

6. Self-righteous Walls of Indifference -- Morgan Inc has the audacity to lecture their opponents on polite, appropriate behavior. This is much like the outrage expressed by King George some years ago about the lack of respect and appreciation for the English crown rule. Unfortunately, there are some who support the self-righteous walls of indifference and thus are unwilling to find common solutions to our common problems. How sad it will be when these folks are left out of the public discourse. How sad that they will have brought this upon themselves.

All of us, East, West, North, South, and In Between, have a chance in the upcoming general election to take the following actions:

1. Register to vote by this coming Friday, October 13, 2006.

2. Vote NO on District Voting

3. Vote FOR Tom Vanderbeck because he cares about and will work for a positive resolution for the issues described here. Further, his opponent support District voting and for whatever reason will not support what is good for West Chatham much less the entire county.

4. Engage in a discussion of the issues raised here with someone who lives in an opposite part of the county and do more listening than talking.

5. Examine the consequences of our political choices, not our intentions, and take responsibility for them. Acknowledge when we make misteakes and learn from them. (Yeah, I know I misspelled mistakes but I learned from it!)

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