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I love to ride my bicycle, but won't risk it on busy roads

By Robert Sprenger
Posted Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Pittsboro, NC - I love to ride my bicycle, but won't risk it on busy roads. Whaaaaaccccckkkkkk! And your life is changed forever. Not just the person on the bicycle, but also the driver of the vehicle. Both are victims. It would be horrible going through the rest of your life knowing that "if I had just...." that person would still be OK.

Today I was at a backroads stop sign, and saw two serious bicyclists coming my way. It was obvious they were in training mode, so I waited patiently to let them pass. After I pulled out behind them, I noticed that there was a third cyclist, in the lead, whom I never saw. It was one of those weird experiences, as in "how did that just happen?"

I slowed down and observed to try & figure it out. The two in the rear were wearing fluorescent green "safety" shirts; the leader of the pack was wearing dark colors. When he entered the shadows from the trees, he was practically invisible, compared to the other two.

Please don't make me spend the rest of my life knowing I creamed a cyclist.

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I love to ride my bicycle, but won't risk it on busy roads

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