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How's this for a mature criticism?

By Fred Houk
Posted Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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Reply to Peter Theye, who wrote:

"At some point, unless there is a bold moral issue present, there is a need to vote in the affirmative, even if you do not agree with everything. There is no black or white to all the issues and I think it is unfair even naive for all the people who blasted Mike Cross over his Briar Chapel vote. We really need to start being more mature with our criticisms and view decisions with a less self centered focus.

Peter Theye"

Hello...or should I say: HELLO!?!

Peter...what part of telling voters that one is going to be pro-sustainable development, and that you will vote against Briar Chapel, but then completely flip flopping when the actual vote is taken, don't you understand, friend? That's kinda black and white to me. Heck, it's black and white to anyone, I would think, short of someone missing a couple of eyeballs.

And why is heaven's name (I use that term advisedly when speaking about the rape of the land by out of state developers) isn't there a huge--and frankly, a rather obvious--"moral imperative" in standing against the destruction of the very nature of the community, particularly when it's being ruined merely for abject, sucker-bet, eat the seed corn, carpet bagger type business excesses? (Is that enough analogies for everbody...?)

How's this for a mature criticism? Briar Chapel's out of state super rich owners have, via their covert insinuation into, and manipulation of our local elections, used their power and money to begin the inevitable decline of the quality of life in Chatham county. Just so they could make a quick buck. When the fecal material hits the air moving machine, they'll be drinking Lone Star beer back in Tejas, and laughing at how easy it was to stick it to you, and me.

"Come to Chatham county: where strangers can buy an election, and take their winnings back to Austin for poker night".

That work for you? It ought to be placed permanenetly on an historical marker we put at the "Briar Chapel" entrance, or better to the sewage spraying site that flows into the county drinking water supply.

The fact that our "leaders" were not only complicit in this, but actually had to lie about little things like where they lived during elections, or whether or not they would fight this slimey land-grab, seems to me to be the real "self centered" activity in question here...something that anyone could notice if they would step back and think for a minute. (We're kinda short on "thinking" lately, wouldn't you agree?)

With Bunkey and company, we knew what the result was going to be the minute the Republicans pulled the fast one and ran as "Democrats" during the Democratic primary. Foolish me, and other voters, we at least thought that the new guys would tell us the truth about their positions when they ran for office the last time. This is getting kinda old.

Query: other than Patrick Barnes are there any honest politicians left in Chatham? You know, the kind that have a moral compass in their character, and who are willing to stand up for the average citizen?

Better question: how the heck did we sink this low?

Hope I haven't offended you, Peter.

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