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How hard is it to offer healthy food to children?

By Donna McCorkle
Posted Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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Pittsboro, NC - Today, my child came home from school, sick on her stomach. She proceeded to throw up the allegedlly healthy lunch offerings you gave her, namely, some chicken fingers made out of God only knows what. I suspect they were bad. Very bad. Even worse than usual, as in, food poisoning bad. We will deal with that later.

I have long been appalled at the menu you give our children. Tony's pizza? For goodness sake, have you ever read that nutritional guide? Processed food of all natures and kind?

"No child left behind," as Bush would say. Well, I would say, "No child left unourished." When you feed my child something that makes her throw up, I would classify that as "unourished."

Many school systems have successfully installed healthy eating plans that actually cost less than whatever vagabonds you are purchasing our meals from.

Let me just say this: No pizza. No French fries. No processed food of any kind. No nasty pre-packeged crap. Learn to cook!

How hard is it to offer healthy food to children? Not really hard at all, since I've been doing it for 12 years. And if all you offer is healthy food, that is what they will eat. If you do not provide junk vending machines, they cannot buy. If you provide fresh vegetables at lunch, that is what they will eat. If you provide milk and 100% (non-sugared) juices, that is what they will drink.

You assume that since you offer healthy "alternatives" that the children will eat them. My proposal is to NEVER offer unhealty foods at all. Let's just see what happens with that. NO pizza. NO fries. NO breaded chicken or seafood of any kind. NO white bread. How hard is it not to even offer those God-awful fattening things? It's not hard at all. And you have a responsibility to do it.

So, this little email goes out to the Governor (as if he ever will care); and to all of the school superintendents of the state (as if they indeed will care); and of course to Chatham County (whom I hope does care).

Stop feeding nasty non-nutritional and fattening things to our children!

Oh, yes, as an afterthought. I could pack my child's lunch everyday. I have the means to do that. But what about the parents who both work two jobs and don't have the means to do that? What about the parents who pay their taxes same as everyone else, and just don't have the extra monay and time to pack lunch? God ... isn't the school supposed to be some type of role model as to
what is for the benefit of the child? That means, feed them! FEED THEM WELL!

Not just the crumbs under the dog's table, but the best of the protein, and of the minerals, and of the vitamins. Feed these children well, for they are the future of our world. And if you continue to feed them on Tony's pizza and other horrific junk food, they will not reach their potential.

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How hard is it to offer healthy food to children?

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