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Good teachers do an amazing job and are not paid enough

By Steven Rogat
Posted Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Pittsboro, NC - Just thought I would pop a little more info in about teachers, pay, etc. Having been married to a teacher (now an "ex" teacher) for years, and myself, having been involved with the education system. Yes, it is true that the on-site work day of teachers may be shorter than other "regular" jobs. Yet, the demands are amazing.

The at-home, after hours work - grading papers, lesson plans, generating the curriculum, and reading the textbooks (please don't hand me a new one to read this year) - are all extensive. The after-hours meetings, sometimes on the spur of the moment, as well as required evening attendance at some events, is also an issue.

I taught for a while, this, at a community college. Gotta tell you. On the books, I was paid $25 per hour. However, taking into account all the extra time, I tallied my time to just under $10 per hour. I was ready to take a carpentry job for better working conditions. But, I loved teaching. So, I hung in there as long as I could, until I decided that I couldn't afford to teach anymore.

Granted, "good" teachers will put in this overtime work. Yet, even "bad" teachers are required to put in some of it.

My opinion - teachers (especially good ones) are not paid enough. And from my limited perspective, money may be wasted in top-heavy administration. It is also problematic - both politically and tangibly - to get rid of "bad" teachers. Yet, it is also difficult to re-arrange the administrative level to be more efficient when the people being re-arranged have a vested interest in their own well-being.

Time will tell. Gradually, there are changes being made. And, it takes the time and energy of interested parties to pursue those changes.

Keep learning. Keep teaching (at whatever level you may, in whatever venue is right for you).

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Good teachers do an amazing job and are not paid enough

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