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All that is good and bad about Chatham county

By Vance Remick
Posted Thursday, December 28, 2006

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Pittsboro, NC - It seems that the General Store had become the topic of conversation right along with frustration about the growth and changes that are happening in Chatham County. At times I think we represent to folks all that is good and all that is bad in Chatham County and I don't feel that this is fair to the GSC, especially in this forum of the Chat List. I personally am not a writer so communicating in this form is very hard for me and I feel at a large disadvantage when having to communicate my feelings this way. I would much rather sit down with all of you and talk.

First, I want to let everyone know that my personal phone number is on every sales slip that is printed here at the GSC and has been for the last 2 years. It is there because I would like to hear from you so I can take care of any problem you have and try to make sure that it will not happen again.

We are growing rapidly, just like Chatham County

When we are growing rapidly, just like Chatham County, I will be the first to admit that we cannot catch everything and everyone who is making a mistake. But if I or a manager do not hear about it when it happens, we cannot even try to fix it. The GSC is my home, my customers are my friends and my family and it hurts when any of them are disappointed. If you would believe different of me, then ask yourself why would I put my personal phone number on the every ticket if I didn't want to be of service.

I am very sorry when anyone has a disappointing time here at the GSC, that is never my intention and I would hope I could fix all or your concerns, but I know that all I can do is try and trying is what we are all about at the GSC.

It seems that in Chatham County many have opinions about the perfect community, the perfect restaurant, the perfect waitress, and when they do not measure up to that standard they are bad, bad, bad. Growth in the GSC and growth in Chatham is a problem and a blessing but we all can have an important part to play in the outcome. That is why we all need to keep a dialog going which will be constructive and encouraging to all of us at the GSC and our community leaders as well. If we can think of our leaders, both business and civic, as our family we will relate to them very differently.

It is for that reason that I thank you for your comments and concerns written here in the Chat List, even though I believe that at times it does not create an atmosphere for positive problem solving. Just as if you had a problem with a family member and you decided to take it to all the rest of your family instead of coming directly to that person. When you take it to the rest of the family members, you create a lot of hurt and disunity and probably will never solve anything. However, if you truly wish to have unity and solve the problem you should go directly to the person and help them solve the problem. Please call me any time night or day with your comments or concerns because I do care just as I know you care.

I leave you with this final story about one of my favorite customers which started with one of my potential worst problems. Mrs. X, we will call her, came to me one day just after I had arrived in the store and was almost in tears when she asked if I was the new owner. I told her yes and asked her how I could help. She then proceeded to tell me that the gazpacho soup tasted very poorly and I needed to take care of it immediately. Thanks to her I did what she had requested and checked and she was right- it was awful.

I don't know how it got that way, maybe a bad cucumber or two, but it truly was awful and we immediately stopped serving it. I do not know why we were serving it without first tasting it, but when you have done thing so often the kitchen sometimes get lax and forgets to test the final product. When you are preparing things from scratch, instead of from a can, things can go wrong, fresh cucumbers are known to sometimes be very bitter.

Well, as it turned out, this was not the only problem. The bigger problem was that after this wonderful friend had so bragged about our food and atmosphere to her friends she had picked this occasion to bring her good friends to her favorite place in Pittsboro called the General Store Cafe. This was her chance to shine and be proud of the place she loved and cared for enough that she was bringing her 2 best friends for lunch and I had let her down.

Well things can go wrong in this business day in and day out, but I do not want to let anyone down who so believes and loves the GSC so much that she would invite their friends here for lunch or dinner.

If you or your friends have a problem with the GSC tell them that you know the boss and you will call him because he is a personal friend and he will not let this keep happening. If you do not believe that, just call me on my personal phone #423-5639 and give me a try.


Editor's note: The Pittsboro General Store is a distribution point for the Chatham Journal newspaper. Stop in and pick up a copy.

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All that is good and bad about Chatham county

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