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Gary and Meg paint Chatham neighbors with the "racist" brush

By Brenda Denzler
Posted Saturday, March 7, 2009

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Pittsboro, NC - There is no denying that for some people, the reason to oppose illegal immigration boils down to racism. And that is reprehensible. But it is a huge mistake to believe that all reasons for opposing illegal immigration boil down to racism. Yet that is exactly what Gary and Meg seem to do.

To reduce all opposition to illegal immigration to racism is to simply cut off all possibility of dialog among citizens

To reduce all opposition to illegal immigration to racism is to simply cut off all possibility of dialog among citizens -- because many of those who oppose it are liberal enough to find it abhorrent to be painted with the "racism" brush. So they feel they have to shut up and not let their true feelings be known.

And they do shut up, leaving the terms of public discourse on this issue to be defined by the pro-illegal immigration group, who then use their power to continue to silence their progressive brothers and sisters who don't agree with them, enforcing their silencing by continuing to use the epithet "racist" if anyone dares to begin to speak any word contrary to the pro-illegal dogma.

But if we are going to insist on wielding the "racism" brush, then I will follow Gary and Meg's example:

A system in which laws are applied unequally to groups of people based on irrelevant characteristics like race, ethnicity, gender, etc., is the very definition of racism. To expect most of the people on this planet to obey our immigration laws while consistently (not to mention proudly) turning a blind eye to a whole ethnic/racial group who continue to violate our
immigration laws is racist.

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