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The focus should be on how to roll back government overreach

By Michael Tucker
Posted Thursday, October 3, 2013

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Pittsboro, NC - I gave specific examples of government overreach. I am not asking for help with my business or obtaining permits. I am not asking for help to do business with Chatham County. That ain't gonna happen!

I like Sheriff Webster, too. I completely agree with Dr. Dykers. Sheriff Webster displays professionalism and warm personal charm. No problem.

I specifically said Sheriff Webster told me he had no professional law enforcement experience before being elected Sheriff. Sheriff Webster said he depends on his professional officers a little more for that reason.
That is why, Sheriff Webster said, he had one of his lieutenants compose the policies I identified in my previous posts. I completely accept Sheriff Webster's actions and understand how that works. Still no problem.

My posts were intended to show specific examples of government overreach in the Sheriff's office and under Chatham County Manager, Charlie Horne.

Sheriff Webster's policies regarding:
1. Handgun Purchase Permits
2. Conceal Carry Permits

Exceed what other counties require. This is not a rant. This is fact. These are specific examples of government overreach.

No. The requirements for Chatham County are not the same as other counties. I believe Sheriff Webster's policies are mistakes that should be fixed before the next election for Sheriff.

County Manager Charlie Horne, on the other hand, has demonstrated an arrogant contempt for individuals he deems beneath his position. I think he is simply tired of being county manager. I believe we, Chatham County voters, should make a new county manager a primary focus for county commissioner candidates in 2014 and now is as good a time as any to begin such a drive.

Specifically, county department supervisors overreach and place heavier burdens on businesses other counties do not have.

I believe the only way we can roll back government overreach is with a new county manager and the agreement of like-minded county commissioners. Then we tell the world Chatham County is the place to start and operate a business.

I am no genius. Average intelligence. But I managed several multi-million dollar contracts for the state of North Carolina with dozens of businesses as vendors and contractors. It ain't that difficult if it is approached with a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

Private messages supporting me have been fantastic. But it makes me wonder why people are afraid of the sheriff, the county manager, or county employees? Have we lost that much liberty? Are we trapped in the grip of oppression? Do we have liberty or tyranny? Liberty is always under assault from tyranny. Always. If we have less liberty, we have more tyranny. Thomas Jefferson said, "When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

When government overreaches it is either error or tyranny. If the errors are not corrected, it is tyranny. This is not a "rant". It is what it is. I am unwilling to stand by quietly any longer. Government will not fix itself. Government loves power. Power they take from you or you give to them. I believe it is time to take it back.

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The focus should be on how to roll back government overreach

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