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The final public input session was the first Tuesday of last November

By Tom Glendinning
Posted Friday, June 10, 2011

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Pittsboro, NC - This post replies to comments that the citizens have not been heard in recent BOC meetings regarding budget, schools, and other issues.

Our democracy is actually a republican form of government. Representatives constituted by elected officials make decisions regarding all facets of policy and practice of our government. The electoral body was conceived by Greek city-states ca. 500 BC and was called the boule. The English word problem is derived from Greek. An issue brought before the boule was called a proboulema, or for the boule.

The boule was constituted of 300 to 500 citizens chosen proportionally from parts of the society. It is the cornerstone of modern democracies, but is still representative of its citizens. Decisions made were rules governing the society. Service in that office was limited to two terms of one year each. Pay was instituted in the late 5th century to allow poorer classes to serve. The body ruled on all phases of policy and budget, including surveying performance of elected and appointed officials during and after service.

This simplification of the origins of our government serves to put on notice those who would jam meetings of the BOC with complaints and comments opposing decisions made or about to be made in hopes of changing the outcomes. The outcome was determined by the vote last November electing these representatives to serve in our stead.

That is the principle of our modern democracy (republic.)

Basically, the public input sessions at the BOC and other board meetings is a courtesy. They do not alter any process of governing or change any decisions made in the bureaucratic planning for governance. Public input should reflect that courtesy. The last board did not suffer the slings of such demonstrations though there were a majority of citizens who disagreed with their policies.

Some politicians hang on polls of public opinion rather than principle. If elected, an official should, make decisions based on stated principles, current information and the mandate of being elected. The final public input session was the first Tuesday of last November, not every board meeting from now on.

Expecting a different result from the same behavior has been labeled insanity. Misuse of the public input session may result in its curtailment. Other means of expressing opinion exist.

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The final public input session was the first Tuesday of last November

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