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This Chatham County election is about growth

By Al Wyllie
Posted Saturday, April 8, 2006

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Chatham County, NC - This election for our County Commissioners is all about growth in the county. Let's not confuse this issue with ethnic, religious and other factors that mean very little in this race in comparison.

If you want the county to have FASTER growth, you probably want the following, too:

1. Higher appraised property values (great if you are planning to sell in the near future).
2. More and even better schools (mostly for the new homeowners' children).
3. Additions to local churches and new churches to support the new homeowners.
4. More new infrastructure to support water, water treatment, police, fire, etc.
5. Higher taxes and bonds to pay for the new schools and infrastructure.
6. Lots of new large box stores that come with the new volume of people.
7. Lots of new roads and double highways to carry the increased volume of people.
8. Lots of new restaurants and fast food places nearby.
9. Lots of new food superstores.
10.Lots of new convenience stores.
11.Maybe even a new large shopping center with many theater screens.
12.Maybe enough people to support more arts, music and theater.
13.Maybe you will not have to drive to Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill for everything.
14.Maybe you want more jobs closer.
15.Homeowner associations to make sure everyone around you keeps their property up to some standard.
16.Lots of neighbors, so your children will have lots of children to play with nearby.
17.Community pools, tennis courts, walking trails, etc.
18.Soccer and softball parks where the adults can also play.
19.Ability to make money selling large land holdings to big developers for big bucks.

If you want the county to have SLOWER growth, you probably want the following:

1. Lower appraised property values with lower taxes.
2. A beautiful and scenic countryside and lake for all to enjoy.
3.. Churches that aren't begging every Sunday for building funds.
4. No new bonds for schools or infrastructure that you have to pay the interest every year with your taxes.
5. The lack of clutter that comes with new businesses.
6. Roads that aren't overloaded with cars from new homeowners.
7. Long time local merchants instead of big box stores.
8. To continue to go out of the county for shopping and attractions in adjoining counties (heh, use their tax money!).
9. To drive further to work.
10. To keep your well water and septic system and not have to pay to hook on to water and sewer systems.
11. No Homeowner Associations telling you what you can and can't do with your property.
12. Lots large enough to put travel travel trailers, boats, storage buildings, etc.
13. Lots large enough so your children don't have to play in the street.
14. School buses that bring your children to your door.
15. Definitely NO annexation by Cary with their high taxes!
16. Ability to put a mobile or modular home on your land that you can afford.
17. Ability to have a farm and raise cattle, goats, Christmas trees, bees, horses, etc.

The candidates are very clear about which of the above groups they support. Decide which group you want and vote for the candidates that support your group. Keep it simple and do vote! There will probably be a smaller turnout in this election and we need everyone to get involved and express their opinion, so they don't whine about it later. Encourage everyone to vote for the candidates that support the group above that you want and be POSITIVE about it. Don't get involved with negative campaigning. Most of us are fed up with negative ads, many of which are half-truths at best. And keep the negative stuff off of the chatlist, too.

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