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Without deer control there will be no vegetables to put on the table

By Tom Glendinning
Posted Monday, May 11, 2009

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Pittsboro, NC - At the risk of being vilified by vegans and animal lovers, I support any efforts to reduce the deer population.

Keep in mind that without deer control, there will be no vegetables to put on the table. I have lost two years of garden and talked to many who have given up on gardening. Chatham has a vital group of organic farmers growing and selling produce. They need protection from the deer, not to mention the home gardeners who raise and put up food. Of course, we could always pay twice the price for tomatoes to pay for twelve foot high fencing and electrifying everything.

I lost the best car I ever owned to a deer (and the insurance industry and body shop costs.)

And regardless of what other animals carry ticks, deer are infested with them and drop pregnant ticks everywhere they go. I know several people who have Lime disease, unknown before the rise in deer population. It is a debilitating and terrible disease.

We humans have colonized Pittsboro. Maybe we should just move away so that deer can have a home without threat or danger. (Sorry, I could not resist a bit of sarcasm.) Our forefathers ( and foremothers) would not be here if they had to wait for a garden to produce in order to eat. The settlers harvested animals before agriculture was established to feed their families. Vegetables are the last food to appear in a settled society (disregarding fancy chocolates, truffles and fine wines.)

We inhabit this place too and deserve some respect. even if only equal to that expressed for animals. It is supposed that we have dominion.

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Without deer control there will be no vegetables to put on the table

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