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Crayons and rednecks

By Mark Stinson
Posted Monday, April 28, 2014

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Siler City, NC - I read something on the Chatham Chatlist about crayons and rednecks. Facts were used in the process of making the post and after reading it I had to ponder on it a bit.

I'm not sure what possessed the writer to write the post or what the point of it was unless it was a post to push the progressive movement ideology that basically takes everyone's individuality away making us all a bland bunch of conformist who have no mind or freedom of choice.

Some of you are familiar with my hybrid rocket wood stove and you know it gets really hot. Last winter I made a mistake whilst going through a pile of items I rescued from a junk car one item being a big box of crayons . I sat the box on a frame about a foot from the stove and after smelling something hot realized the crayons were melting in the box. Being the recycling guru I am I grabbed the box and put it in a pan on the stove to liquefy the entire contents to make a candle with.

Do you know what you get when you blend 150 colors of crayons? You get the ugliest color of gray smoot imaginable. It has no beauty or brightness and it certainly is bland in appearance. Once I poured it into glass jar with a wick and it cooled , it was even uglier. My point being. Rednecks by what ever definition are a group of people proud of who they are and what they represent. They don't mix well with opposing ideology's and they do not like to be blended into someone else's definition of progress.

Chatham County will be fine as long as we realize each group, person, redneck or blue collar are unique and want to live their unique lives. We must respect the colors in the box enough to not melt them all into an ugly bland mix of conformity that no one will be happy with. Many of us who have lived here all our lives see people move into this county and almost immediately complain about where they came from then the next day try to force us all to change what we have to what they left behind. If you wanted these things and you miss them so much why did you move here in the first place? I personally enjoy all the different folks in this county. I enjoy the woods and the country and all that makes this place home. Its all the colors of life that are here now that are enough to make life beautifu .

When I went to school we had 8 crayons in a box and that was enough for me to win a few art contest . In my mind sometimes less is more. I am one of those rednecks and I can honestly say I will not be blended or mixed, I won't suddenly change my opinions to agree with someone else, and I will always be what I have been and always will be, me . I wouldn't be too surprised to find that there are a good number of folks who agree with me either.

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Crayons and rednecks

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