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Chatham County commissioners can not obey their own rules

By Linda Bienvenue
Posted Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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Pittsboro, NC - I found it amazing that our current county commissioners led by Mr. Lucier would enact an ordinance requiring County employee(s) to spend their time going around enforcing a state law regarding campaign signs encroaching on state property.

Apparently, our commissioners feel that Chatham County needs to use its employee(s) time duplicating work that an employee of the state should be doing. So, the opposing candidates for commissioner comply with both the county AND the state by NOT putting their campaign signs in questionable areas.

So, guess whose signs are in those areas? Yup, Commissioner Lucier, Commissioner Vanderbeck and Commissioner Thompson. When I could finally stop laughing (what else could I do?), I realized that our current commissioners put restrictions in place to benefit themselves in the upcoming election, knowing full well that THEY had no intentions of complying with those regulations themselves. They also pulled employee(s) away from their primary responsibility for the County, and instead had him/them scour the County pulling up campaign signs. I guess it wasn't so humorous though, when the pulled sign turned out to be one of theirs. So, when you are driving around Chatham County, ask yourself why you seem to be seeing tons of Lucier, Vanderbeck & Thompson signs, and not many from their competition. Because the rules that Lucier, Vanderbeck and Thompson put in place are for the rest of us - not for THEM.

It's strange how that state law isn't being enforced in Orange or Durham counties. I guess their county employees have better things to do.

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