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Pittsboro's City Tap noise not music to all ears

By Ollie Waddell
Posted Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Pittsboro, NC - Last month two articles have appeared in The Chatham Record newspaper regarding complaints that “music” being played at Pittsboro’s City Tap Bar and Restaurant is too loud. Local residents complained to Pittsboro city fathers to do something about it. Well, lots of luck local residents. History of such situations has you on the losing end. Walnut Creek Raleigh, Shakori Hills, Sports Arena - they are still going strong and still making life miserable for residents unfortunate enough to be living near by.

Here is how it goes: A nice peaceful little street or community, with no history of problems living with their neighbors. Then, in comes the brilliant, inspired entrepreneur,
with big dreams of making big money, and of course, that includes making big noise. Never mind what the locals and folks next door think or have to contend with.

Shakori Hills, for example. It was once wonderful peaceful county landscape. People bought land and built there because it was country and peaceful. Shakori Hills “Music” has ruined the lives of many nearby residents. Every year police make drug arrests, etc. But with all the complaints, the problems, the Shakori Hills beat goes on, and on and on.

Anyone disturbed by the loudness of the venue, tough luck.

West Salisbury Street - A couple of churches, well kept homes and a once peaceful atmosphere. Then the City Tap opens and plays loud music. It shatters the peace and quite of the whole street. The sound level theory is a joke. The base booming and the twanging is annoying at anytime, at any level. The City Tap has the right to play music (or make noise) anytime, as loud as they want, provided the sound stays within their walls and environs. They have no right to annoy non customers with noise.

City Tap's liberty ends where neighbors' rights begin.

Since the City Tap has an outdoor “beer garden” type of arrangement, they are naturally going to make sure the folks outside can hear the music. Screw anyone beyond that, that doesn't like it. Of course The Pittsboro General Store and the Carolina Brewery support the City Tap. Those two are noise makers also. It has been said that many support and are siding with Tap. Pray tell, how many of those that support the noise maker, live anywhere near that noise?

You can bet your sweet bippy that if a loud automobile, with speakers blaring loud music, should park next to City Tap’s outside sitting area, City Tap would try to put a stop to that. It of course, would be disturbing their customers and business.

But folks that are doing the complaining, here is how it will go down: City fathers will make it appear that they are concerned, make it appear that they are trying to do something about the noise. But when push comes to shove, they are going to tire of hearing about it and hearing your complaints. Ditto the police. They will just so long respond to your complaints and it will all drift away with time. And like The Sports Arena and Shakori Hills, the damnable beat will go on and on and on.

Viva money! Screw tranquility and individual rights.

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Pittsboro's City Tap noise not music to all ears

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