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Chatham Park will be a gem and a complement and enhancement to our people and economy

By Sherri Shepherd
Posted Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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Pittsboro, NC - Sure, I will gladly answer Mary Phyllis Horn's questions about the proposed Chatham Park development.

Mary Phyllis Horn wrote:

I have 4 questions for those of you who favor the Chatham Park development coming in:

  • 1. Why aren't you already moving to Cary?
  • 2. Do you realize that this project will turn us into a carbon copy of Cary?
  • 3. Do you realize that while our property values will go up, so also will our taxes? (to pay for building infrastructure, increased personnel such as police, fire, tending to infrastructure maintenance, etc.)
  • 4. Why do you want significantly higher taxes?
1. What's moving to Cary got to do with the development of Chatham Park?

2. No, Chatham Park will turn us into something better than Cary. A beautifully planned development bringing us good paying jobs and benefits among other benefits to Chatham while preserving the beauty of our county around it.

3. You don't want your property value to go up? I would want my property value to go up.

4. What is considered significantly high taxes? People having better paying jobs, shorter commute times, less time on the roads to shop. Most all my shopping is outside of Chatham. Downtown Pittsboro doesn't offer me places I would normally shop. New businesses keep us here shopping more. And when people sell their homes, they get more money. Higher taxes are worth this, in my opinion.

How is Chatham Park going to affect your way of living? How will it affect most of your lands. How is bringing jobs, good paying jobs not good for our County? Why do you not want more downtown Pittsboro, Siler City, Goldston, etc. businesses so more of our income dollars can remain in the county?

It amazes me how some people jump on the bandwagon to protest something that was on the books many years ago. Where were these individuals at the time the original permit was obtained?

This is the time to get on top of any project .... at the very beginning can stop or change many things from the get-go rather than wait until movement is made long after permits and approvals were issued. Due diligence is needed if people are worried about development.

In my opinion, Chatham Park will be a gem and such a complement and enhancement to our people and economy.

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Chatham Park will be a gem and a complement and enhancement to our people and economy

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