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Chatham Park will be a mark of excellence among North Carolina developments

By Tom Glendinning
Posted Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Pittsboro, NC - A recent Chatham Chatlist post by Joy exhibits a shortfall in facts and the unfortunate uneducated views of the left.

The Chatham Park will be a mark of excellence among North Carolina developments. It will employ more workers than Pittsboro and Siler City for approximately the thirty-five years required to build it. The wages offered will be whatever the contractors pay, not wages set by anyone in Preston Development Corp.

Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, graders, masons, roofers are all paid well above minimum wage. I saw no one suffering during the boom in the 1980's who worked those jobs. Most of us bought new pickups and cars, made improvements on our homes, and took vacations. Not bad for the skilled trades..

There may be some retails jobs which pay minimum. They compare to the present retail job market at which high school and college students are employed.

One factor forgotten by the left is that money earned is money spent (or saved, in case of us conservatives.) The whole economy will benefit by the billions to be spent of that development. Further, the tax base of poor, old Pittsboro will be broadened as it never has been, as will Chatham's. That means more revenue, mroe services, more wages within government and a brighter outlook for our home county/town than anything in the past fifty years.

We already subsidize education higher than 93 other counties. We don't even have the tax base of thirty or so who have more than we do. You ought ot be grateful that your wages as a teacher will stand to gain from this development more than any other factor, past present or future.

I remember that your Coalition wanted to ban business from the county in favor of residential development. I do wish the left would articulate a cohesive plan to lift us all from welfare and poverty, to pay for all the social programs and benefits they want the government to offer, to hoist the economy to a self sustaining level,........ without stealing the hard earned money of those who pay the bills. In place of a responsible treatise anyone can understand and adopt, it offers old slogans and buzz words which inspire the logically challenged and those satisfied with political mediocrity.

The answer is in expanded economy, not taxation. If there is more money flowing, more tax revenue is the result. Read the financial histories of socialist countries, like the USSR, Cuba, North Korea, France. They look great at the front end and wither on the vine later, walking a fine border between high taxes and bankrupting the citizens they serve. Study Siler City's economy to see the results of lack of employment.

Chatham Park will increase population, certainly, and traffic. But it will build an economy from which all of us will benefit. I welcome it and anticipate seeing the effects of its impact on our home county.

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Chatham Park will be a mark of excellence among North Carolina developments
The whole Chatham County economy will benefit by the billions to be spent of the Chatham Park development.

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