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Chatham County Manager Charlie Horne needs to retire

By Michael Tucker
Posted Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Pittsboro, NC - Thomas Jefferson said, "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

The attitude problem with Chatham County government “supervisors” comes from the county manager himself, Charlie Horne. You want specific examples?

Charlie Horne needs to retire so we can get a county manager who cares to make great things happen.

I tried to meet with Charlie Horne to learn how to effectively do business with Chatham County government and in Chatham County in general. It was impossible to arrange a meeting. The county employees saw with their own eyes how a private citizen and small business is not important to their boss, Charlie Horne. Certainly not as important as Charlie Horne is to himself.

I have been told that other county managers envy Charlie Horne. They want to be like him. Long-lasting. Able to get his budgets approved with little public outcry. No public embarrassment from county employees. No negative media reports.

But, what programs, projects, innovations, cost-cutting measures, etc. has Charlie Horne achieved? What accomplishments? What articles or reports have you seen lauding Charlie Horne’s achievements?

Charlie Horne saw a county managers’ magazine cover back in 2001 and got the idea to establish a “Leadership Academy”. Can we be certain he read the article? Or did he simply give the idea to his staff to come up with the academy? Twelve years ago. That was almost last century.

I estimate the cost near one million dollars. Can Charlie Horne point to any measurable results?

Chatham County could lead business development, cost-cutting, tax rates, environment to create private sector jobs, etc. etc. etc. But, instead, what new has Charlie Horne done?

Because I persisted with my attempts to meet with the county manager, his office staff directed me to the Assistant County Manager who is very nice. She suggested I talk directly with the county solid waste director and the Economic Development Corporation (EDC). I did both. The [previous] solid waste director seemed interested but agreed I needed permits before he could do business with my company.

The direction Charlie Horne gave me did not lead me to success with Chatham County government. I failed. My failure means I have not been able to hire six full time Chatham County citizens. We have not redirected any Chatham County waste for recycling. Charlie Horne’s treatment of me broadcast to his staff a new, small company in Chatham County is not important and does not deserve respect.

It was only after I brought my questions to the Board of Commissioners that Charlie Horne called me. And that was because Charlie Horne was angry I had the audacity to bring my questions to the BOC. I did not simply go away. Then Charlie Horne called me on speaker phone with the solid waste director. Charlie Horne recommended I talk with the EDC. That also was not a new idea, Charlie Horne. How about an answer to my first question, “What must I do to earn Chatham County government business?” The answer took five years, “We don’t want your business.”

My intention here is not to get Chatham County business. I am certain that will never happen with the current county manager and the supervisors he trained. My intention is to give concrete examples of the problem with Chatham County government overreaching and disrespect.

We will never turn back overreaching, government intrusion with the current county manager in place.

Charlie Horne does not fear Chatham County citizens. I don’t need his Lord-of-the-kingdom attitude he teaches to his hand-picked, overreaching Lords-in-waiting supervisors. Chatham County can do better. Charlie Horne needs to retire so we can get a county manager who cares to make great things happen.

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Chatham County Manager Charlie Horne needs to retire
Chatham County Manager Charlie Horne

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